ECO2013 Principles of Macroeconomics

Choose only two of the following
three topics. The first essay is due Monday, November 2, and the 2nd
is due by Monday, November 23. Late submission will be accepted with a
reduction of points.
Economy and the Natural Environment
Are market forces sufficient to solve the problem of
environmental degradation caused by economic activity? If yes, explain how. If
not what other mechanisms are needed to protect the sustainability of our global
Readings to consider but not required. These are provided only to give you some context and help you get
Pope Francis, in Sweeping Encyclical, Calls
for Swift Action on Climate Change.New York Times, June 18, 2015.”>
Encyclical Letter Laudato Si’ of the Holy
Father Francis on Care of our Common Home. The Vatican. June 18, 2015.”>
Poverty in the U.S. and Economic
What is the state of poverty in the U.S. and what economic
policies have the best chance to reduce poverty and income inequality?
Readings to consider but not required.
“Space, place, race: Six policies to improve social
mobility.” Richard V. Reeves and
Allegra Pocinki, June 2, 2015. Brookings Institution.”>

U.S. poverty statistics from U.S. Census Bureau.”>
Macroeconomic Policies in Europe in
response to the Global Recession of 2007-2009
What have been the economic consequences of Europe’s
economic policy of austerity and what lessons (if any) can countries outside
the Eurozone learn from those policies?
Readings to consider but not required.
Sen: The Economic Consequences of Austerity.” NewStatesman, June 4, 2015.”>

“Greece debt
crisis: Eurozone refuses bailout extension.” BBC News online.″>

Paul Krugman
Interview: “What you need to know about the Eurozone Crisis.””>

Levels of Assessment


= 60 – 70 pts

= 71– 80 pts

= 81– 94 pts

= 95 – 100 pts

Organization (20%)
effective organization of content)

Writing lacks logical organization. Shows some coherence but lacks
unity. Significant errors.

Writing is coherent and logically organized. Some points remain
missed place and stray from topic. Transitions evident but not used throughout.

Writing is coherent and logically organized with transitions between
ideas and paragraphs. Overall unity of ideas is present.

Writing demonstrates high degree of attention to logic and reasoning
of ideas. Unity of ideas leads the reader to the conclusion and stirs thought
regarding the topic.

Development of Ideas (20%)
(Demonstrates effective
development of main ideas and supporting information)

Main points lacked detailed development. Ideas are vague with little
evidence of critical thinking.

Central idea and main points are present with limited detail and
development. Some critical thinking is present.

Central and main points are well developed and clearly articulated with
meaningful supporting details.

Main points are well developed with high quality and quantity of
supporting details. Reveals a high degree of critical thinking.

Level of Content (20%)
(Addresses the purpose – of the
essay ­– and the audience)

Shows some thinking and reasoning but most ideas are not fully

Content indicates thinking and reasoning applied with some original
thought on a few ideas.

Content indicates original thinking and development of ideas with
sufficient firm evidence (e.g. statistics)

Content indicates a synthesis of ideas, in-depth analysis, original
thought and support of the conclusion.

Grammar & Mechanics (15%)
(Employs effective use of

Spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors are present frequently,
causing distraction to the reader, and making it harder to follow the main

A presence of spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors, but not
so frequent to represent a significant distraction to the reader.

Essay has few spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors.

Essay is nearly free of distracting spelling, punctuation, or
grammatical errors.

Style (15%)
(Employs effective use of

Mostly in simple form with little or no variety in sentence
structure, diction, rhetorical devises or emphasis.

Approaches college level of variety in sentence structure, diction, and
rhetorical devises.

Attains college level style with appropriate tone, and rhetorical
devices that enhance content. Sentence structure used effectively.

Writing style beyond the usual college level, with rhetorical devices
used effectively.

Format and Citations of
Sources (10%)

Fails to follow the format and assignment requirements.

Generally meets the required format and assignment requirements.

Meets all format and assignment requirements.

Meets all format and assignment requirements, is assembled with
professional look.

Format and Assignment Requirements:

(white, letter size), portrait for the essay, not landscape except for large
tables or charts that should be placed in an appendix at the end of the paper)
and right margins at 0.75 inches,
with 1.0” margins at top and bottom.
pages must be numbered.
Font: Times Roman 12 pt; line space 1.5”;
length 750 to 1,150 words, not including
cover page, or appendices with table and charts. (Tables and charts are not required. Add them only if they are relevant
to the topic and necessary to develop your main points.)
page must contain the course number an title; the reference number; semester
(“Summer B, 2014-3”); the name of the author with MD-ID and author’s MDC email
address; and the date submitted.
must include at least three sources
of information beyond your
textbook (do not add additional resources unless they are cited in you essay).

Writing Guide and Resource:
The Writer’s Resource, University of Wisconsin at Madison”>



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