Discuss the need for scientific research in the field of psychology

1. Discuss the need for scientific research in the field of psychology. How does psychologicalresearch obtain and use empirical evidence?2. 2. Earlier in this lesson, we read about research suggesting that there is a correlation betweeneating cereal and weight. Cereal companies that present this information in their advertisementscould lead someone to believe that eating more cereal causes healthy weight. Why would theymake such a claim and what arguments could you make to counter this cause-and-effect claim?3. 3. Select one of the ethics case studies included in the lesson or in the article link above anddiscuss the ethical violations. Refer to the characteristics of an ethical research project in yourresponse. Would it be possible to reproduce this study under the current guidelines for ethicalstudies? Explain your answer.4. Healthcare professionals often work rotating shifts. In your own words, why is this problematic?What are the psychological, social, and physiological challenges related to rotating shifts?Consider sleep deprivation, high levels of stress, or side effects from medication in yourresponse.5. Imagine that you have a big midterm exam at the end of the week. In your own words, describethe three types of memory storage and which study techniques you would use and why. Explainthe connection between the types of memory and the study techniques you chose.6. Select one of the drugs discussed in your lesson. In your own words, discuss the controversialissues related to the drug and why these discussions are important in the field of psychology. Besure to support your position.Quiz;1 of 10When a psychological test produces the same results from one time and place to the next orfrom one scorer to another, the test is said to be ________.reliablevalidbiasedconditionalQuestion2 of 10Which of the following research designs will allow cause-and-effect conclusions?correlationalexperimentalquasi-experimentalsurveyQuestion3 of 10If a psychologist used a heart monitor to test academic achievement, a criticism of thisprocedure would be that it lacks ________.reliabilityvalidityvariabilitybiasQuestion4 of 10The Tuskegee Syphilis Study was ethically problematic because ________.only black men were invited to participateparticipants were not allowed to seek available treatmentpenicillin was not administered to the men’s wivesthe study was continued for approximately 40 yearsQuestion5 of 10Deception is _____________ permitted in research studies.neveronly allowed to maintain the integrity of the research, but not harmfulonly allowed when the researcher determines it is in the best interest of the studyQuestion6 of 10________ means that there is a relationship between two or more variables.cause-and-effectcorrelationreliabilityvalidityQuestion7 of 10A(n) ________ is a well-developed set of ideas that proposes an explanation for observedphenomena.conclusionhypothesisoperational definitiontheoryQuestion8 of 10After reading "Psychology in Everyday Life: Critically Evaluating the Validity of Websites, you canconclude:a. There is no difference between scientific research and other published materials inthe field of psychologyb. There is a difference between scientific research and other published materials in thefield of psychology.c. There is no way to critically examine a website for valid informationd. Examining the websites domain (.com, .gov, or .org) can help determine the validity ofthe website.e. A and Cf. B and DQuestion9 of 10The most direct method to test a hypothesis about a cause and effect relationship is to develop atheory.FalseTrueQuestion10 of 10In test construction, the development of uniform procedures for giving and scoring a test isstandard deviation.FalseTrue1 of 10The act of getting information out of memory storage and back into conscious awareness isknown as ________.encodinghyperthymesiaretrievalstorageQuestion2 of 10What can you do to realign your biological clock with the external world when you work arotating shift?Expose yourself to bright light while working.Surround yourself with darkness while working.Take a break every hour to exercise for five minutes.Take regular naps throughout the day.Question3 of 10In order to remember his lines for the play, Guy repeats his lines over and over again. Thisprocess is called ________.declarative memoryhyperthymesiarehearsalrelearningQuestion4 of 10The sleep-wake cycle which occurs every 24 hours.EndogenousMelatoninCircadian rhythmQuestion5 of 10Memory boosters like "Never Eat Shredded Wheat" to remember information such as directionsor "My Dear Aunt Sally" to solve mathematical equations are known as ________.AssociationRecallMnemonicsQuestion6 of 10As you are taking this test and attempting to consciously recall the information that you haveread in the textbook to select the correct answer, you are using ________.explicit memoryprimingshort-term memoryimplicit memoryQuestion7 of 10In order for a memory to go into storage (i.e., long-term memory), it has to pass through threedistinct stages: sensory memory, short-term memory, and ________ memory.encodedlong-termsensoryvisualQuestion8 of 10Sleep apnea is defined by ________.a sense of panic in the sufferer often accompanied by screams and attempts to escapeepisodes during which a sleeper’s breathing stopsuncomfortable sensations in the legs during periods of inactivity or when trying to fallasleepunwanted, disruptive motor activity and/or experiences during sleepQuestion9 of 10In a ________ dream, people become aware that they are dreaming and can control the dream’scontent.K-complexlucidREMtheta waveQuestion10 of 10________ is one of a group of sleep disorders in which unwanted, disruptive motor activityand/or experiences during sleep play a role.insomniaNREM phaseparasomniaREM phase



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