Devry Math533 Week 1,2,3 & 4 Discussion Latest 2015 November

Devry Math533 Week 1 Discussion DQ 1 Latest 2015 November
DQ 1

Class, provide examples of how you can use statistical analysis to
make better decisions in your career or daily life.

Devry Math533 Week 2 Discussion DQ
1 Latest 2015 November
DQ 1

A number of years ago, there was a
popular television game show called Let’s Make a Deal. The host, Monty Hall,
would randomly select contestants from the audience and, as the title suggests,
he would make deals for prizes. Contestants would be given relatively modest
prizes and then would be offered the opportunity to risk that prize to win
better ones.
Suppose you are a contestant on this
show. Monty has just given you a free trip worth $500 to a locale that is of
little interest to you. He now offers you a trade: Give up the trip in exchange
for a gamble. On the stage are three curtains, A, B, and C. Behind one of them
is a brand-new car worth $45,000. Behind the other two curtains, the stage is
You decide to gamble and give up the
trip. (The trip is no longer an option for you.) You must now select one of the
curtains. Suppose you select Curtain A.
In an attempt to make things more interesting, Monty then exposes
an empty stage by opening Curtain C (he knows that there is nothing behind
Curtain C). He then asks you if you want to keep Curtain A, or switch to
Curtain B.
What would you do?
Hint: Questions to consider are: What is the probability of
winning and the probability of losing the car prior to opening Curtain C? What
is the probability of winning and the probability of losing the car after
Curtain C is opened? What is your best strategy?

Devry Math533 Week 3 Discussion DQ
1 Latest 2015 November
DQ 1

Class, based on internet research and in your own words discuss
history of Normal distribution and its original applications.

Devry Math533 Week 4 Discussion DQ
1 Latest 2015 November
DQ 1

Class, this week we will cover the concept of statistical
Hypothesis testing. In plain language, what is the purpose of this test?



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