Devry HRM340 Week 1,2,3& 4 Discussion DQ1 & DQ2 Latest 2015 November

Devry HRM340 Week 1 Discussion DQ1
& DQ2 Latest 2015 November

DQ 1

This course focuses on the strategic value that technology has
brought to HR and the business. As a result, HR is a strategic partner in
companies. How, specifically, has technology created this strategic
partnership? Share an example. What values have resulted from this strategic

DQ 2
You have been asked by one of your internal customers to develop a
plan that aligns with his organization’s annual goals. What information will
you need to begin developing your plan? What process might you follow to
develop this plan, which must be presented to the leadership team (cite the
theoretical process chosen/reviewed)? Thoroughly explain each step of your

Devry HRM340 Week 2 Discussion DQ1
& DQ2 Latest 2015 November
DQ 1

Share one HR function that you would automate and explain why.
What value would that automation bring to the HR department as well as to the
business from a strategic standpoint? Be thorough in your validation to

DQ 2

Based on your text and supplemental readings, what are some of the
potential problems associated with employee self-service? After sharing some
problems facing self-service, how would you address those problems? What is
your professional opinion related to management self-service, where managers
have access to more employee information through HRIS systems?

Devry HRM340 Week 3 Discussion DQ1
& DQ2 Latest 2015 November

DQ 1

HR has faced and continues to face an array of changes within the
HR functions. As a result, this requires careful planning to institute changes
that involve technology and automation. How might you put together a plan for
an HR office that currently only has an employee database and no other automated
HR functions? The HR director states that the business is simply too small
(1,000 employees). Build your business case.

DQ 2

Many organizations are turning to technology to improve employee
development programs. What are some ways in which training has been influenced
by technology? By HR technology? What are the benefits and risks as it relates
to employee development?

Devry HRM340 Week 4 Discussion DQ1
& DQ2 Latest 2015 November
DQ 1
Many of you have received performance appraisals during your professional
career. Sometimes, those appraisals are late, inaccurate, or simply not
provided. What value does implementing a performance management program bring
to the business? How can technology impact that value?
DQ 2
What do compensation, benefits, and payroll all have in common as
related to employees? Share an example of how HR technology can impact the
value and efficiency of each of these HR functions: compensation, benefits, and



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