Describe the relevant background for the organization

Paper Due: November 19, 2015Part 2) Managing Risk 50 points (5 pages)Prepare 5 pages report for your Management Risk report. In this report, be sure toinclude at a minimum:Identification of Organization (10 points)••Describe the relevant background for the organization. For-profit/nonprofit,physical size, number of employees, basic financial information, location, etc.External research is required, and written text should be supported by tables and/orgraphs.Any organization will qualify. Some ideas include: hotel, restaurant, apartmentbuilding, office building, library, museum, publisher, art gallery, fitness center, daycare center, dog walking service, hospital/medical clinic, school, university, drycleaner, bank, gas station, movie theater, church/temple/mosque, parking garage,bowling alley, sports stadium, recreation center, taxi service, retail store, departmentstore, software developer, television/radio station, movie studio, social work agency,construction company, manufacturer, tour operator, farmer, airport,dentist/doctor/therapist’s office, law firm, accounting firm, barber shop, funeralparlor, golf course, ocean shipping company, satellite company, nightclub, insurancecompany or agent/broker, charity, etc.Objectives (5 points)••Identify and describe at least 3 pre-loss objectives and 3 post-loss objectives for theorganization and briefly describe the steps in your process to manage risk.Will you select a traditional approach to risk management, or will you adopt anenterprise risk management approach? Explain why you chose this approach.Loss Exposures (15 points)••Identify and describe at least 3 tools that you will use to identify loss exposures forthe organization.Identify and describe at least 10 loss exposures for the organization.Treatment of Loss Exposures (15 points)••For five (5) of the identified loss exposures, identify how you plan to measure,analyze and prioritize these risks. Explain whether the law of large numbers mighthelp your analysis.For each identified loss exposure, identify and describe at least 3 treatmentstrategies (including both risk control and risk financing). If you plan to purchase aninsurance policy, identify which type of insurance covers this type of risk.Conclusion/Next Steps (5 points)Describe how you will evaluate the effectiveness of your treatment strategies, andhow often you plan to monitor your risks and revise any ineffective strategies.Use the citation style required



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