Describe the misinformation effect, source monitoring

Please be sure to fully address question. These are considered essay questions. Answer in complete sentences and be careful to attend to the details of each question. Number and repeat original question before each response.1. Describe the misinformation effect, source monitoring, and overconfidence. Discuss Ronald Cotton video2. Identify the basic components of language.3. Identify factors related to racial differences in IQ. In addition explain how stereotype threat is used to interpret suboptimal performance on IQ tests.4. Describe the role of relationships and social support in happiness.5. Discuss briefly what you believe was most remarkable about the Elyse Schein and Paula Bernstein.6. Differentiate between basic and secondary emotions and identify characteristics of secondary emotions.7. Discuss strategies a student could use to Improve their Memory8. Explain the Flynn effect and how it was discovered.9. Explain what animal studies tell us about the ability of animals to learn language.10. Explain the concept of intelligence quotient and how it is calculated.11. Compare and contrast the Cannon-Bard, James-Lange, and Schachter-Singer theories of emotion. Differentiate emotional responses according to these three theories.12. Distinguish between self-report inventories and projective tests that have been used to assess personality and psychological disorders.13. Analyze the different concepts of intelligence and types of intelligence to include general intelligence, specific intelligences, fluid intelligence and crystallized intelligence.14. Describe Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, including the distinct types of intelligence that characterize different forms of intelligent behavior.15. Discuss what contributions Ebbinghaus’s memory research makes to improving memory.16. Discuss and explain brain hemisphere and language. Be sure to include discussion of Broca’s and Wernicke’s Area.17. Identify the similarities and differences between the IQ distributions for men and women.18. Describe at least four personality traits and a predicted behavior.19. Compare the constructs of reliability, validity and standardization required for a well-developed test.20. Describe Sternberg’s triarchic theory of intelligence, including the three different kinds of reasoning processes.



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