Part 2: Demo Video Lab: Chemical Reactions of Alkanes and Alkenes /111. Watch the two assignment 6 videos on reactions with Br2 and KMNO4 (clickbelow). Fill in the answers based on your observations. (4 marks)Cyclohexane and Cyclohexene with Liquid Br2Benzene (behaves like cyclohexane) and Cyclohexene with Liquid Br2 andKMNO4*Note benzene is an alkene but behaves like an alkane with Br2 and KMNO4.The demo is included because the colours are clear and prominent.CyclohexaneCyclohexene1. Polarity (polar or non-polar)Non-polarNon-polar2. Physical propertiesColourless liquid (b.p. Colourless liquid (b.p.81 .C)83.C)3. Solubility in H20 (solubleInsoluble-water phaseInsoluble-water phaseor insoluble)below hexane phasebelow hexane phase4. Reaction with H2504 andH2OClearCloudy5. Br2(aq) colour beforeadding to the alkane/alkeneBrz(aq) colour after shaking6. KMn04(aq) colour beforeadding to the alkane/ alkeneKMn04(aq) colour aftershaking2. Hydrocarbons are only held together by weak London forces. This results inthem having (high/low) solubility in water and (high/low) boiling points andmelting points. (1 mark)3. Draw structural diagrams for cyclohexane and cyclohexene. Which issaturated, which is unsaturated? (2 marks)Cyclohexane-saturatedCyclohexene-unsaturated


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