Define sensation and perception

Psych 310 Midterm ExamPlease answer the following five questions with 1-3 paragraphs each (as needed). Each questionis worth five points for a total of 25 points possible. Submit your exam to your assignmentfolder by midnight on June 29.These questions encourage you to decide what is important and apply what you are learning toreal-world activities that interest you. Focus on clear description and careful selection ofsupporting evidence from the text. There are many different “right answers” to each question.1. Define sensation and perception. How do they differ? Give an example of each type ofprocess.2. Describe one real-life application of a principle you have learned about sensation andperception. How does understanding this principle help people function more effectivelyin the world?3. You are developing a study guide for high school students and want to give them goodadvice about multitasking. Describe three things they should consider when decidingwhether or not to multitask. Support each of your recommendations with informationfrom the textbook.4. Design and briefly describe an experiment you could conduct to determine whetherinfants can tell the difference between the shapes of different letters in the alphabet. Howis the experiment structured, how will you use the results to decide what you havediscovered, and are there any ethical considerations you must deal with?5. Choose one aspect of visual perception that you believe is important to the job of airlinepilot. What would you tell a class of beginning pilots about why it is important? Whatwould you tell a group of experienced pilots? And (just for fun) what would you tell theflight attendants? (No points for the last one.)Enjoy!



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