Critique how useful the existing lists of values are for

Hi jood.amc..sorry about the time delay, new semester and a week overlap of the last. Here are the 5 questions for you. They are part of my final. Let me know if you have any questions about any of them.Let me know what you are going to charge me before you get started, I don’t have too much left in my “questions purse” and I spent $10 answering a reply in the wrong place and another $10 posting this one.I need these in a single spaced format 1″ borders and at least 1.5-2 pages in length. I need them ready to upload with references by tomorrow, Sat. 6 PM / PST / West coast. I will continue to check this sight for your reply. Please let me know if you are unable to complete this huge task.Thank you!!1.Critique how useful the existing lists of values are for career development. Specifically, comment on whether the lists contain values that are most important to you at this point in your career. Identify specific values, and explain why they are most important. Also, identify values that were either important to you previously (but no longer are), or values that you feel may become more important to you in the future. Be sure to explain why these values have decreased or may increase in importance to you. If you feel that the lists do not contain career-related values of importance to you, propose which values should be included in these lists.2.Describe the congruence and complementary approaches to person-organization fit in your own words. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each. You should be sure to consider Schneider’s ASA model when doing so.3.Two colleagues of yours are discussing the idea of employee engagement. One is excited by the idea of engagement and thinks that organizations should focus efforts on increasing engagement. The other colleague thinks that the idea is nothing new, but just a fad. They ask your opinion. Which side of the debate do you take? Why? Be sure to refute the main arguments from the other side of the debate, as well.4.Describe your plan for using social networks for aiding your career development. Be sure to refer to the readings for advice regarding the various sources of mentoring and the psychological variables that may impact these relationships.5.A colleague is considering expanding her organization’s performance appraisal system to a 360-degree feedback program. Based on our course readings, what suggestions would you provide to help your colleague’s new 360-degree program be a success.



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