Create a 9 pages page paper that discusses personality: product of nature and nature. Based on this research ‘Nature versus nurture’ debate has dominated the field of psychology for a long time. People working in the field of psychology are trying to understand the root cause of development of personality patterns in human beings. The understanding of the root cause of the personality will not only help human beings to know what makes their personality develop in a particular way, but will also help them in working in the right direction for bringing a change in their personality. Knowing whether it is the ‘nature’ or the ‘nurture’ of human being that shapes his personality is important for human beings. This debate has been covered by different media, where effort has been made to find an answer to the debate. The video “Nature Vs. Nurture: Child Rearing Debate” is the video that tries to find the essence of the debate through its content. The video focuses on the debate of ‘nature versus nurture,’ and tries to understand what really shapes the personality of a human being. Unfortunately, in an effort to understand the point of views of both, i.e. the psychologists who support the ‘nature’ side of debate and psychologists who support the ‘nurture’ side of debate, the video fails to look into the matter in depth. Even though the video begins with a strong statement and intention, due to lack of depth and lack of time, it fails to dig deep into the debate. However, the video provides an optimistic picture towards human behavior and personality. Hence, even though the video “Nature v. Nurture: Child Rearing Debate,” lacks the in depth look at both the sides of the debate, it is an interesting, informative and entertaining video, and through its modern and fresh presentation it succeeds in convincing the viewer that personality is the product of both, the genes and the environment. Positive aspects of the video The video “Nature v. Nurture: Child Rearing Debate,” is an interesting video which talks about the debate that has been going on in the field of psychology for a long time. It talks about the role that genes and environment play in the development of human personality. The video is interesting and grips the attention of the viewer right from the beginning. The video begins by talking about the statements given in the media regarding genes as the cause of human personality and behavior. It tells the viewer how people are misled into thinking that one particular gene can cause a particular behavior pattern or a particular disease in human beings. The information about the newspaper and magazine headlines, given in the video, is true as one often comes across genes related attention grabbing headlines in print and electronic media. For example, the headline like “half of our happiness lies in our genes,” has a potential to dampen the spirit of people who read it (Joshi, 2008). It makes the impression on a reader that if he does not have the genes that are responsible for happiness he will always remain unhappy no matter what he achieves in his life. The video says that by making dramatic headlines regarding the relationship between genes and behavior popular newspapers and magazines try to impose a picture that human being is completely at the mercy of his genes, and hence has no control over his behavior or intelligence. The video says that this is a wrong picture. It is the wrong information provided through media that makes people feel helpless and weak. By attracting the attention of the viewers towards the dramatic but half true headlines in media, the video tries to tell the viewer that there is more to the role of genes in human behavior than what is told to them.


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