Create a 8 pages page paper that discusses how have cell phones changed our society. This paper illustrates that cell phones were introduced into the human society in the 1940s, although the early mobile phones were bulky. The devices are known to have consumed high power, and just a few conversations could be supported by the network. The mobile telephone service improved in 1964. The first mobile phone generation improved the technology in mobile phones and came in with the usage of multiple cells. The multiple cells could transfer calls from and to different sites. The second generation of mobile phones in the 1990s also came with digital networks instead of using analog transmission. This era saw the invention of prepaid cell phones, which were rather fast. Texting messages or SMS communication was also invented at this time and has become the most common and preferred mode of communication among teens and the youths. Advertising through the mobile phones was also invented during this period, and launched for the first time in Finland in 2000. The third generation came with the invention of IP data networks which were so fast, and it was also characterized by mobile broadband. The use of 2G mobile phones became widespread and, part of human life. The fourth and the present generation of mobile phones is characterized by cell phones, which have All- IP networks. Voice calls are treated like other streaming audio media, and packet switching is utilized over internet, WAN or LAN networks via VoIP. Cell phones have dominated the contemporary social world, almost becoming a necessity instead of a luxury like it was in the 1980s. In the 1990s, it was the voice calls which dominated the mobile phones, but with the new generation, data services are incredibly common and mostly used by young people. Many social aspects and policies have changed with the changes in mobile phones accessibility and advancement, and this has distorted the social order. Physical proximity and stable dwelling places have continuously been shaping the evolution of life on earth. With the increasing population and technological advancement, having stable dwelling places as well as maintaining physical proximity, has become impossible. Since communication is a vital aspect of human society, technological advancement came up with mobile phones, to help curb the problem of communication between persons across distances. Research has shown that indeed cell phones have played an incredible role in the human social life by aiding communication, providing information through the internet, and promoting socialization which is a vital aspect in human, social life. Sociologists, however, have discovered that mobile phones are not only pleasant and a source of entertainment, but they also have devastating effects on the social life. A national survey from Harris interactive and CTIA on the use of mobile phones in 2006 shows that , almost 47% of teenagers in the United States feel that their life would be worsened, or would end if they did not have their mobile phones, while 57% associate their mobile phones with improvement in lifestyle. Cell phones aid human interactions according to James Katz, who also maintains that a cell phone is a universal interpersonal communication device. Americans’ use of mobile phones as compared to their mobility. Typical Americans aged between 18 and 65 uses more than 75 minutes in a day for personal travel.


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