Create a 8 pages page paper that discusses domestic violence and battered woman syndrome. The patterns of abuse usually follow a set way in which it starts with verbal abuse and complains (Bostock, Plumpton and Pratt 102). Some women do not these early signs of violence seriously but instead think that the man will change. Since IPV is a learned behavior and it is geared towards manipulating the other partner, chances are high that the violence keeps on escalating (Walker 45). To better understand the concept of domestic violence or IPV, it has been said that it is best described from the perspective of the battered or abused person. This is not however very easy because very few women who have encountered the brutal force of abuse are willing to open up about it. The current study shows that there has been an increased study of trauma and victimization of women in abusive relationships but that has not made it easier for victims to talk freely. These studies show that events in the early childhood of a battered woman interact with the traumatic experiences she undergoes in the abusive relationship to bring about the mental state that is polarized and helpless. Few psychologists have been able to isolate individual contributing factors from childhood as well as from abuse and then gauge their impacts on the psychological state of the battered woman (Belknap 56. Roberts 524. Silver 124). I conducted three interviews involving victims of IPV so that I could get to the bottom of the matter and understand what the victims go through. In the first interview, I talked to a straight couple that has been married for the last twelve years but their formative years were marred by IPV. Both the partners now can freely speak of what used to happen on those days which almost broke their marriage. The wife reveals that she almost killed her husband because he used to abuse her physically and emotionally to the point of treating her like nothing. The problems used to get worse when the husband was high on alcohol. It was the habit of the husband to indulge in drinking sprees with his friends after which he would come home drunk. After that, he would pick a fight or a quarrel with the wife out of nothing. The problem went on until the wife could not take it any longer and she sought for a divorce. After initiating the proceedings for the divorce, some calm and sober returned to the man and he promised to change. It was not exactly an instantaneous change but with time, the husband adopted less controlling behaviors and the couple got back together. The next interview I did was with children that had seen their father abuse their mother and had really suffered. All that they can remember is that their father was ever drunk and at those few times that he was sober, he used to be an angel. The mother was calm and often hard to anger besides being hardworking. The father on the other hand came from a dysfunctional family and was quite antisocial especially with other people not of his immediate family. When their parents were fighting and having their quarrels, these children got it rough. They (children) confess that the parents hardly talked to each other and instead they used the children as their go in between. Trouble used to arise when these children needed something from their parents.


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