Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses domestic partner benefits. Further requirements were then added for the partners to continue sharing financial obligations and that they&nbsp.are&nbsp.over eighteen (Badgett 2006).. A domestic partnership denotes a much that may be or may not be recognized by law as compared to&nbsp.marriage. According to&nbsp.Wikipedia, public and private employers in America provide health insurance and other benefits to spouses and same-sex partners of their employees. The employee receiving benefits for his or her spouse may sometimes be forced to pay tax for the benefits. The qualifications for benefits for domestic partners vary from one employer to the next. Different employers have different benchmarks for those that are suitable for these benefits and those that are not. Domestic partner benefits can be categorized into two: same sex partners and opposite sex partners. It is up to employers to determine which&nbsp.partnership&nbsp.to include. Some employers only&nbsp.recognize&nbsp.same-sex or different-sex couples, while others accept both categories. Employers ought to compensate their employees through more than salaries and wages. They should provide benefits such as health insurance. A growing number of employers are now offering domestic partner benefits to gay, lesbians, bisexual and transgender employees and the&nbsp.partner’s children. These benefits include health benefits (dental,&nbsp.sight&nbsp.and medical). retirement benefits (pension plans). bereavement leave. travel assistance. adoption assistance. education and&nbsp.tuition&nbsp.assistance and disability and life insurance. Employers&nbsp.are known&nbsp.to create their own definitions of domestic partners. This is to&nbsp.enable&nbsp.them to know who is eligible for benefits and who is not.&nbsp.Same sex&nbsp.unions were usually left out of this consideration. Employers have since begun offering benefits to&nbsp.same sex&nbsp.partners. Employers have traditionally offered benefits, such as health insurance, to the spouses and legal dependants of their employees. In 1982, the first&nbsp.employer&nbsp.to break ranks and&nbsp.offer&nbsp.domestic partner benefits to its&nbsp.lesbian&nbsp.and&nbsp.gay&nbsp.employees was a New York City weekly&nbsp.publication&nbsp.called the Village Voice. Today, the Human Rights Campaign (a nonprofit organization devoted to working for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender equal rights) claims that employees who&nbsp.offer&nbsp.these benefits stand at more than 2,500. In an effort to promote equality in the workplace, more and more employers are choosing to&nbsp.offer&nbsp.benefits to domestic partners. However, these efforts to&nbsp.bring&nbsp.more&nbsp.equality&nbsp.to the workplace are not without&nbsp.consequence. Before adopting policies that&nbsp.afford&nbsp.domestic partners the same benefits that&nbsp.are afforded&nbsp.spouses, employers must carefully consider the benefits and risks to such an&nbsp.approach (Badgett 2006).. Cost of domestic partner benefits According to Michael E. Hamrick (2009), lack of information has made it difficult to&nbsp.estimate&nbsp.the overall&nbsp.cost&nbsp.of domestic partner benefits. Some employers believe that the cost for providing benefits for domestic partners is much higher than providing benefits for married couples. An&nbsp.excellent&nbsp.example comes from a small group&nbsp.plan&nbsp.in California. It paid 17.


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