Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses how to conduct a training needs analysis. Conducting a training needs analysis significantly helps in the process of evaluating the lacking areas of the teams and individuals of an organization and can significantly lead to the process of development of skills of the employees, thereby increasing their individual productivity as well as the productivity of the entire organization on a whole. Training needs analysis is increasingly considered as a highly important tool for planning and management as it aids in the process of growth and development of the individuals and the organization (Drummond, 2008, p. 5 – 6) Talking in terms of Wal-Mart, it can be said that since Wal-Mart is a global organization, with interests and stakeholders present in major and emerging markets of the globe, there are some specific areas of development that Wal-Mart can focus on for the process of providing better opportunities towards individual development and resources on a global note. The most important areas of development that Wal–Mart can focus on at the present moment are the processes of educating and developing the front line associates in the emerging markets to go for better customer engagements as well as imparting relevant product knowledge and required rack arrangement. Another important area where Wal-Mart can conduct a training needs analysis is the process of evaluating the need for technological and process developments in the emerging markets which can in return lead to achieving better production and efficiency. The organization also needs to conduct training needs evaluations of the customers in the emerging markets for the purpose of generating better responses in the e-retailing formats. Also, the company needs to conduct the analysis for the purpose of assessing the gap of technology experts’ team of the organization and their efficiency in generating the valuable insights from customer information by using data analytics technology. 2. It is of considerable importance to state that Wal-Mart is a global organization, which increasingly focuses on generating extreme value for the customer through its product and service offerings (Annual Report, 2012, p.4). Hence, its key strategies are more focused on generating more value to the customer, while increasingly going through various evolutionary phases and individual development techniques of the internal stakeholders of the organization. Training Need Analysis for Wal-Mart is being provided through the following format Training Need Type of Training For Whom Objectives Front line associates of the various Wal-Mart outlets in some of the key emerging markets need training in regards to style and fashion of involving in customer engagements. Role-Playing Front line associates in Wal-Mart stores located in key emerging markets. To provide a superior shopping performance to the customers by providing a high level of customer satisfaction through customer engagements. Front line associates of the Wal-Mart outlets in the key emerging markets need training for rack arrangement as well as developing product knowledge. On job training Front line associates in Wal-Mart stores located in key emerging markets. To enable the front line associates to serve customers better by providing relevant product information as well as helping them acquire their product of needs.


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