Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses early childhood learning through play. According to this article it has mentioned the curriculum for preschool children should be age appropriate. To implement this objective one should consider the following factors. The child’s behavior The child’s behavior might differ depending on family backgrounds or sex of the child. Some kids are shy while others are not. The behavior of the child should be keenly observed to avoid lack of participation of some kids. The material needed to play The materials which are needed to play should be different as per the age of the kid. This is important because as the kids are growing they need more complex activities to suit their various development stages. Question2. Play is normally an active and self-driven activity. While the children are playing they should be actively involved and always self –driven to it. Play is a cherished part of childhood. This is what characterizes a play. The child will be in a position to express and cope with various feelings. For example while playing the child can shout or scream to express happiness or disappointment. This will enable you to understand the child emotional behavior. The child will also need to interact freely, ability to explore various activities and make choices on plays they want to play. Early childhood professionals are the persons with child development. This means that they know what is good for a child from the young age (infant) up to maturity which 18 years and above. For this scenario about value of play to the children, many professors would suggest that play to a child is like carbon dioxide to the plant. These professionals would emphasis that any child should be give freedom to play and interact with the other children in the area. The reason why they should express their opinion to be positive is because through play the child acquires numerous skills such, interaction, development of speech, social challenges and moral values. For instance, compare a child who stays always with her mother in a room and another child set free to the play with other in the street. The possibility that the one who is set free to play with others in the street develop a high thinking capacity will be very high. In addition, you find that the one who likes playing will be more civilized than one who lives with her mother. Therefore, play to the children has very big role to them. Hence, it is recommended that children must be play at any time. In another scenario, is that children who are brought up in urban portray characteristics of having high thinking capacity than those from the rural areas. Despite their different points of view they all agreed that play is very essential in the development of the children. The reasons why they supported play’s importance was because play helps the children to explore and create their own world that they can master as well as conquering their fears as well as helping the children in expressing their feelings such as anger or happiness. They also stated that play aids in the development of a healthy brain. The reason that has influenced their opinions is the fact that they are professionally trained to deal with children affairs so they understand the benefits that can come out of childhood play encouragements. The fact that early childhood professionals are taught on the basic knowledge on the children behavioral determinants is the key attribute to their similarities in supporting the early childhood plays.


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