Create a 4 pages page paper that discusses the way we lived : colonial massachusetts. The author has highlighted the history of United States rather in a different manner. Instead of outlining the colonial history in a straight one liner style, the author tailored this book in a story or tale fashion so that the readers do not get bored of the book. Every story presents a slight different flavor from the other stories, yet so linked with the antecedents that it looks as if the same river is flowing but through different routes and locations. Above all, the author was quite successful in maintaining the overall theme of the book, even history reflected in pieces of short stories could not lead the author deviating from the main idea of the book. Logical linking of the stories with creative and metaphorical style of shaping the history into an interesting story reading style is, nevertheless, an exhibition of true professional and complete story writing. Thesis and Biasness with Main Contentions The book has shed the light on the United States history in many different perspectives. Author has shown some sort of biasness in terms of racism is this literature. The way author has shown his sympathies with the Britain pilgrims is undoubtedly a complete proof of his biasness towards other nationalities especially Indians and then the Black ones. In the initial part of the book, the author tried to present the most innocent picture of the colonists as opposed to the Indians who were residing there before the Britain pilgrims explored the Massachusetts and the nearby areas to live. After looking at the content of the book with a view of a critique, it looked as if the Indians were the only ill-behaved and rival people who never accepted the reality of Britain pilgrims creating a colony as they kept teasing them, became their enemy and fought little battles with them. Moving on, after the creation of a colony and pilgrims did not remain “pilgrims” anymore, the biggest prejudice was shown when loathed and detested feelings and emotions of those colonists were came into lime light, posing a kind of betrayal against the Britain Empire. These well established colonists did not require any of Royal Governors appointed on them and rule the colony according to the will of King and Queen of Britain. It looked as if author exaggerated colonist’s wish to elect their own ruler which in fact was not a reality to many historians. In a nutshell, after having a close look on the content of the stories, I personally feel that the author could not help attaching his personal ideas, concepts, experiences with the text of the book which resulted in partiality in some of the instances that appeared in the book. Evaluation of Strengths and Weaknesses of the Book During the reading and analyzing the stories sorted and compiled by the author, few strengths and weaknesses of the author came in front of my observation which directed me in judging the author’s style of writing. Since the author’s aim of writing is to familiarize the American youth with the history, therefore, author remained reasonably successful in delivering his views about colonial history to the new generation.


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