Create a 4 pages page paper that discusses human resource 1. Jobs in the Emirates Group Being such a diverse company, the Emirates Group subsequently have diverse job types, ranging from cabin crew to hospitality and engineering jobs. Cabin crews are responsible for passengers’ customer service during flights. Trainings for cabin crew mainly include emergency and security, including first aid, as these are prone to happen during flights. They also ensure that emergency equipment is in good working condition before flights. They serve refreshments and meals to passengers and ensure the passengers are comfortable during flights. Their job varies depending on the nature of the flight, if it is long or short-haul flight (Mahajan, 2012) Pilots are responsible for flying passengers and cargo on long and short-haul flights to different destinations. Two pilots are required for each flight. They ensure that the aircraft, including the crew and passengers are safe and reach their destinations in good terms. Before flights, pilots must check their flight plans, communication systems, fuel in the aircraft, the condition of the aircraft as well as the weather conditions, as all these factors determine safe flights (Soekkha, 1997). Individuals in Finance, Accounts and audit jobs are responsible for reviewing accounts of the company, performing financial health analysis on the company, and give financial advice. They also guard the company against financial risks, and are responsible for the safeguarding of company assets. They carry out wage reviews, liaise with management, and offer their recommendations, as well as preparing reports, financial statements, and commentaries. This position is crucial due to its sensitivity. therefore, Emirates Group ensures high integrity individuals fill such positions (Ireland, Hitt, & Hoskisson, 2005). Aeronautical Engineers apply their scientific knowledge and skills in researching, designing, developing, maintaining, and testing the performance of Emirate aircrafts. They mainly are responsible for aircraft condition, fuel efficiency, speed and weight of aircraft, as well as adopting newer technologies to meet customer demands. These are employed in the Emirates Engineering, a renowned aircraft maintenance centre. The Human Resource Process of Emirates Group Recruitment Recruitment is the process in which companies discover potential candidates for the actual or expected vacancies in the organization. Each company has its own recruitment policy. In Emirates Group, high quality individuals both locally and internationally are considered. However, they should accept to live in Dubai. Applicants should have attained the legal working age of their country and meet the set academic requirements. The sources of the candidates are internal and external. Internally, Emirates Group promotes qualified employees to top vacant managerial positions and postings to different arms of the group. Externally, Emirates Group fills entry-level positions from candidates from other firms, university and college graduates, and vocational schools. All this process is conducted professionally by the team recruitment. All jobs are posted online for online application (Kleynhans, 2006). Interview and Selection process After scrutinizing the online applications, shortlisted candidates are informed to attend a selection programme in Dubai. The line manager and recruitment staff perform the selection process to identify the most suitable candidate who will adapt well to the emirate culture and working in Dubai.


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