Country Report: How to Select a Country and How to Write it!Attached Files: Rankings of GNI per Capita (Gross national income per capita) 2016.pdf Rankings of GNI per Capita (Gross national income per capita) 2016.pdf – Alternative Formats (288.255 KB) Rankings of GDP (Gross domestic product) 2016.pdf Rankings of GDP (Gross domestic product) 2016.pdf – Alternative Formats (227.944 KB) 4. MKTG 477 Country Analysis Report Guidelines & Rubric_Summer 20.docx 4. MKTG 477 Country Analysis Report Guidelines & Rubric_Summer 20.docx – Alternative Formats (31.694 KB)Select a country and notify about it to your instructor ASAP!”Market Audit”Guidelines & Rubric posted.In order to Select Your Country,Findtwo documents posted—the Nations’ rankings of GNI per Capita and the Nations’ rankings of GDP in 2016. You need to selectone country except USA among the countries listed. For easier and better access of relevant cultural, legal, and economic information as well as marketability of your products/services and consumers’ economic/financial abilities, choose a country with relatively higher GDP and higher GNI per Capita in 2016.Source 1:http://databank.worldbank.org/data/download/GDP.pdfSource 2:http://databank.worldbank.org/data/download/GNIPC.pdfOnline Resources to write Country Report1. I accept news articles by press and media and blogwrite ups by industry experts as decentinformation sourcesfor your ‘Country AnalysisReport’ only when you provide referencesclearlyin the APA style. I expect to see a lot of references in your report.2. See below. These are useful resources including Country Information, Culture, Life,Etiquette, Negotiation and more.You can find lots of information that you need for your report.Click to go to ‘World Fact Book’ by CIAClick here to go to World Bank – by CountriesClick Here to go to ‘Country Studies (Library of Congress)’Business, Economics, & Art Librarian, Ms. Wendy Diamond says that “The sites above, have Social statistics, energy/natural resources, industry, labor/unions, communications, education, health, religion, broadcasting.”Click to go to “Country Insights’ by Global Affairs CanadaGives local and Canadian perspective for countries.The sites above provide a great amount of info for your country report.Click here to see the journalpublications of’Culturgram: the nations around usTraditional social structure and cultureReference, GT150 C85. Best source for housing, family life, and customs.Click here to see ‘Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life’Living conditions, family life, interpersonal relations, work, clothing, social problems, etc.Click here to go to ‘Global Edge – Culture’Click Here to see where to find ‘Do’s and taboos around the world’Reference, HF5387 D66Click to go to ‘Global Road Warrior’


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