1SBI3U Name:Julia CalmaDate:06,17,2020 ​ Design Lab: The Effect of Exercise on the Respiratory System/Circulatory SystemQuestion:Heart rate is a measure of the contraction and relaxation of each chamber of the heart,which pushes your blood around your body. It is measured by taking your pulse fromone of your pulse points in beats per minute (bpm).How does exercise affect heart rate?➔ Exercise affects heart rate because it strengthens our muscles in our body, andhelps our heart muscle become more efficient, and it is able to when the blood ispumped throughout our body system. It means that when the heart pushes outmore blood with the beat that allows our body to beat slower and keep our bloodtemperature under control.Variables:​ ​Time of exercise, ​periods​, and the number of repetitions.-Independent variable-What are you manipulating?​The number of repetitions.- Dependent variable-What will respond to your independent variable?​Heart rate-Control variable-​ ​What will remain the same throughout the experiment?​Time ofexercise, ​periods​, and the number of repetitions.Purpose/ Problem:➔ How can the heart rate change when the number of repetitions increases?➔ The purpose of this lab/experiment is to compare the heart rate as the number ofrepetitions increases.Hypothesis:➔ If the person increases the activity level, then the heart rate will increase whenthe body’s cells increase because it needs oxygen.Materials:➔ Treadmill(1,2)➔ Partner(s)➔ Pencil(1)➔ Eraser(1)➔ Paper(1)➔ Stopwatch(1) 2 Procedure:A. Find the heart rate and place two fingers on the person’s wrist.B. Counting each beat as each tump.C. Sit on the chair. And time for 60seconds as the other partner counting how muchthe beats are. It shows how much the person’s beat is in one minute whileresting, walking, and exercising.D. Stand up/get up. And then have the partner time the person’s walk around thelab for one minute. When the one minute ends, start counting the number of thebeats again, and write it down in the data table.E. Continue repeating the number four-step instead of walking, exercising( running),and write it in the data table.F. Continue repeating step one with the other groups and write it down in the datatable.G. Find the average number of heart rates for each order and write them down inthe data table.Safety➔ Dress for the lab➔ Notice anything maybe is dangerous, or someone has breathing problems to theteacher.➔ Know safety equipment locations.Observations/Data: Table 1.Measuring Heart Rate During restingStudentJamesMayraAverage Resting Heart Rate 3Table2.Measuring Heart Rate During WalkingStudent Walking Heart Rate JamesMayraAverageTable 3..Measuring Heart Rate During Exercising(running)Student Exercising Heart Rate JamesMayraAverageDiscussion & Research:Heart rate Lab reportHeart rate refers to the number of beats in a given time.When the heartbeats showthat supplied oxygenated blood to the body.First of all, ​the cardiovascular system refers to the heart, blood vessels, and the blooditself. The blood contains oxygen and other nutrients that our bodies need to survive. Infact, our bodies get these essential nutrients from the blood. At the same time, the bodyreturns waste products such as carbon dioxide to the blood so that it can get rid ofthem. Also a normal person’s heart beats for an adult from 60-100 per one minute, butusually, the average is between 70-90 beats per minute. For example, when a person isresting the heart pumps slower, and uses the lowest amount of blood, but when aperson is exercising the heart pumps faster and uses a higher amount of blood.Second of all, 4 In this lab, resting, walking and exercising(running) were used to see how the heart rateincreases. The walking activity was the one of the activities that can increase the heartrate and also the other activity to measure the increases in heart​ ​rate was exercising forexample running on the treadmill. References:● Lab Safety Rules and Guidelines. (n.d.). Retrieved June 18, 2020, fromhttps://www.labmanager.com/lab-health-and-safety/science-laboratory-safety-rules-guidelines-5727●


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