Compose a 750 words assignment on socialization (mod3slp). Needs to be plagiarism free! Human trafficking is said to have been contributed by a number of factors. Most of the dominant factors that influence trafficking are basically for sexual exploitation and free or cheap labor (Weitzer, 2010). These factors are, however, varied and different from one global region to the other. Most women migrate abroad to secure job opportunities, but instead end up landing in institutions where they are used as sex kits. Such victims can find themselves in areas like residential brothels, street prostitution, message pallor, or in strip clubs where they are paid peanuts. Trafficking victims may also suffer from a number of health related problems which are brought as a result of physical or psychological health issues ranging from physical and emotional attacks. Other problems are brought by inadequate food and poor living standards. Amongst the problems may include infectious transmitted diseases, malnutrition or even bruises which they circum to when they fail to cooperate. Human trafficking in most cases causes stigma to both the family of the victims. This is brought about by lack of response from both the family and the community at large. Most of information concerning stigma is often known to be facing victims being exploited for sexual reasons (Samarasinghe, 2012). All the victims faced with human traffic experience psychological pain if they return without success. Since sex is considered sacred by most communities, some victims would clearly understand that prostitution would cause graving consequences to their families. Human trafficking results in huge loss for human resource and this derails the economic returns of a country. This leads to reduction in revenue returns to a country. In some cases, the mother countries where the victim comes from experience negative impact in the future projections in areas of education and health because there would be a deficit of personnel. Occasionally, where trafficking has resulted to the death of the victim, the emotional, social and psychological impact is felt by the victims’ family. Illegal migration has led into most countries imposing tight immigration laws against the source countries. Most countries of destination would, therefore, tend to outsource expatriates based on languages, health matters, and education levels amongst others. This constrains returns to the source countries. Most victims’ especially women who have been trafficked for sexual exploitation do have high chances of contracting HIV/AIDS and other transmitted diseases (Samarasinghe, 2012). This has been brought about by the chance that they do not have the authority to claim about protection during sexual intercourse. Besides, trafficked women do not get access to sex education and the relevant information on how to protect themselves from sex related diseases. Some countries also have cultural believes that having sex with a virgin is a way of purity. This, in turn, has exposed young children to be victims. Moreover, children may also be subjected to same harsh treatments just like adults. Too much mistreatment on children may force them to have a divergent growth status. In order to culminate the essence of human trafficking, irregular immigration authorities in charge have been put on high alert so as to curb uncalled for movements across the borders.


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