Compose a 750 words assignment on negotiating with the emotionally disturbed. Needs to be plagiarism free! Due to these reasons, the affected people become antisocial, depressed and dependant on people that are close to them. The 1992 terrorist attack in Munich affected many people whose family members or friends lost their lives. The press helped a lot but it was too late since the attackers had already accomplished their plan. Bergh and Lipscomb (1904) argue that anywhere that when the press is free, everything is safe. The riot at Attica in 1971 brought about the racial issue of the whites supervising a prison that mast of the inmates were blacks and Hispanic who were from urban areas. The primary grievances by the rioting prisoners were that there were cultural differences and basically lack of clear understanding among the prison warders. The reasons were confirmed and termed as a legitimate problem that could be addressed by the government (Irwin 1980). The Attica riot These factors have led to the increase of minority staff in prisons to prevent more riots in the prison. This is a factor that was sought in the whole country for over thirty years .minority workers are often very reluctant to relocate to rural areas where most of the prisoners have a the same ethnic background or in other cases the prisons are of the same race. Some workers also find it difficult to take jobs that can be viewed as racist given the fact that there is overrepresentation of minority prisoners in the justice system. These obstacles have not stopped the prisons to achieve the success of obtaining the racial balance and good ethnic representation of the workers in various prisons. Many researchers have paid little or no attention to the change in the correctional units and the whole impact of the racial balance when it comes to deploying the workforce in prisons nation wide (Wright and Saylor 1992). What happened at Attica brings about the subsequent realization of putting in mind the representation of the minority staff in all the prisons. In any organization in the world today, teamwork among the workers in prison is very important for efficiency and very instrumental to attain a safe institution. In addition to that, it is crucial for all the prison officers to work closely with all the inmates to prevent more riots. When correctional officers work as a team putting aside problems like the racial diversities, it brings about effective work thus preventing more riots in future. The 1972 Munich terrorist attack This was a traumatic experience to the Germans. The Olympic Games were underway when terrorists killed many people that the incident was termed as a massacre. The Israeli Olympic team was kidnapped and mercilessly killed by Palestinians. The influence of the massacre to the contemporary culture is that the media has been given freedom to report on anything that can affect the country. In the world today, the media is very sensitive on terrorism matters and how it conveys it to the public. Palestines are viewed as terrorists and the world at large is very conscious when dealing with anyone from the east. The Jewish on the other hand are friends to the western countries like the united states and the UK.The effects of the attack is very evident in the contemporary society in that the migration of people from the east especially the Arabs to countries in the western world have been restricted due to the fear of terrorism. People from different continents today antagonize the Arabs especially the palatines because they are termed as terrorists and enemies of Israel. Since the day of the massacre, the Israelites have very good relationships with many countries worldwide.


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