Compose a 500 words assignment on institutional racism in america. Needs to be plagiarism free! al racism in America al racism in America al racism or structural racism refers to the system of inequality based on race seen in institutions like public government bodies, private business corporations, and universities etc. “Institutions can respond to Blacks and Whites differently. Institutional behaviour can injure Blacks, and when it does, it is racist in outcome, if not in intent” (Randall, 2009). The absence of a labor party, weak labor unions and fragmented governmental systems etc are often mentioned as the evidences of institutional racism in America. The US property appraisal system, formulated in 1930, allows whites to achieve property value ratings and government loans whereas the blacks struggled to enjoy such facilities. Majority share of the governmental subsidies went to the whites rather than the blacks even though blacks were comparatively poorer than the whites. Underrepresentation of blacks in critical positions has also been charged as institutional racism. Mass media such as TV and movies always like to employ whites at the top position. All these inequalities happened in America because of institutional racism. This paper briefly analyses the characteristics of institutional racism in America. “According to Census data, whites with high school diplomas, college degrees or Master’s Degrees all earn approximately 20% more than their black counterparts. Moreover, whites with professional degrees earn 31% more than blacks and 52% more than Latinos”(Institutional racism, 2009). Even though, both whites and blacks have similar educational qualification and expertise, the earning levels of whites and blacks in public institutions were unequal because of the institutional racism. Whites are getting special considerations in both public and private institutions. The employers give preference to the white professionals while they conduct a recruitment process. In short, whites and blacks with same qualification and doing the same work are getting different salaries in America because of institutional racism. Institutional racism can be seen in housing neighbourhoods also. Whites normally stay in white neighbourhoods whereas blacks stay in black neighbourhoods. It is difficult to see a residential area in America where both whites and blacks stay together. All these things are examples for institutional racism prevailing in America. Whites do not like the company of blacks and blacks also trying to avoid the company of whites as much as possible because of institutional racism. “The legacies of American institutional racism and white supremacy are embedded within the public educational system” (Comissiong, 2009). American educational sector is another area in which institutional racism is more visible. Black and white children are treated differently in educational institutions in America. Moreover, whites are always like to study in institutions where blacks are comparatively less in number. In other words, American educational institutions are segregated with respect to the color of skin. Educational policies of the government also have been charged with institutional racism. Racism in educational system destroys the children both physically and mentally. To conclude, institutional racism is not a myth, but a fact in America. It can be seen in educational sector, media, governmental policies, employment sector etc. References 1. Comissiong, S. (2009). Public Education in America: A Pillar of Institutional Racism Retrieved from http://www.blackagendareport.com/?q=content/public-education-america-pillar-institutional-racism 2. Institutional racism, (2009). Retrieved from http://academic.udayton.edu/race/2008electionandracism/raceandracism/RaceandRacism.htm 3. Randall,V.R. ( 2009). What is Institutional Racism? Retrieved from http://academic.udayton.edu/race/2008electionandracism/raceandracism/racism02.


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