Compose a 3000 words assignment on research into the software required to support a true distributed computer system. Needs to be plagiarism free! and Lau, F., 1999. Special issue on software support for distributed computing. Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing – Special issue on software support for distributed computing, 59(2), pp.101-06. 19 Introduction Ever-increasing competition and quick developments in information and communication systems, technologies, and a great deal of proliferation of low-cost workstations and PCs have offered a broad avenue for distributed computing to develop into a conventional computing structure and arrangement. At present, distributed computing is no longer limited to literature and advanced research laboratories. however, it is now easily in reach of a huge community of technology producers and clients. In fact, the transformation of status would not have been possible if there were not considerable endeavours that technology and communication researchers have offered for the development of essential supporting application, distributed OS, remote procedure calls, network file systems, OO (object oriented) middleware and message passing interfaces (Ahmad and Lau, 1999). In addition, the arrival of the WWW (World Wide Web) and high speed broadband Internet connections have as well put fuel to such kind of technology transformation. Presently, the Internet has turned out to be one of the biggest distributed systems. Currently, it is being utilized by the majority of people to resolve very complicated and challenging issues such as “search” to discover the biggest prime number, intended for space intelligence, and to break the RC5 block encrypted cipher, etc. In this scenario, a lot of huge and worldwide distributed systems are in progress to develop a huge “Globe system.” This Global system will offer an excellent support for resolving global issues (Ahmad and Lau, 1999). This essay discusses the software required to support a true distributed computer system. This research will provide a detailed overview of true distributed computing environment that is a necessity to develop and use appropriate co-operating subsystems. Distributed Computing Environment: An overview The distributed environment is in some sense overcoming the limitations of traditional computing offering independence from the Personal Computers (PCs) to the golden or dark period of the mainframe. In the past, computers were single user machines with minimum storage capacities. Hence, the appearance of time-sharing machines and operating systems provided excellent opportunities to people all around the world. In fact, it allowed them to make use of the same hardware framework to support several people working simultaneously or cooperating with each other. Additionally, with the arrival of wide area networks (WANs), this cooperation further extended across the world and up till now simply needs a few central points of integrity control and management (Trireme, 2004. Nemeth and Sunderam, 2002).


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