Compose a 2000 words assignment on leadership in the civil service. Needs to be plagiarism free! It also discusses the leadership styles and how the followers can accept them as a leader, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the two kinds of leadership opportunities. Leadership in the Military Vs Leadership in the Civil Service Bureaucracy According to Laver & Mathews (2008), military leadership involves persuading others to achieve the mission through the provision of purpose, course, and inspiration. Military leaders lawfully exercise authority over the subordinates based on grade or position in the organizational structure. They have a responsibility of ensuring that the mission is accomplished and that the welfare of the subordinates is maintained. The organizational structure of the military leads to bureaucratic leadership whereby significant procedures guide the military operations. There is a hierarchical structure from the top where the senior most staff is positioned to the bottom where junior officers are found. In other words, the structure represents a chain of command, which is a significant and most fundamental strategy for the accomplishment of organizational goals (McLaughlin & Osborne 2002). In a bureaucracy, authority is distributed through statutes, bureaucratic systems as well as the positions of people in the hierarchy, which are defined by the particular office that the person holds. There are usually rules that govern the conduct of individuals at all levels, which are important in enhancing harmonious relations in the workplace and the maintenance of justice and equality not considering a person’s background. Lynn (1998) observes that consistency is maintained while on the other hand, it is possible to avoid and deal with potential risks. People are safeguarded against injustices. However, bureaucracy in the contemporary civil workplace is slowly being displaced by the concept of new public management which focuses on the quality and effectiveness of service delivery rather than organizational structure. Military leaders may find difficulties in adapting to the new public management (Owen, 2003). Leadership Communication Leadership communication is significant for the accomplishment of the goals of leadership. It involves eloquence in expressing the ideas of the leader to the subordinates. In a military organization, effective leadership communication determines the relationship between the leader and the subordinates (Hersey et al. 2007). Helps the leader to effectively persuade his/her subordinates to adopt new ideas for the accomplishment of tasks. Efficient communication in the military enhances interactions between leaders and the subordinates, which is significant in the identification of problems and finding viable solutions especially due to the risky tasks involved in the military. Military leaders communicate the needs of their subordinates to those in higher ranks thereby generating confidence amongst the subordinates especially with the realization that their needs have been put into consideration. A leader who effectively communicates with the officers in the lower cadres generates loyalty and enthusiasm in the force. Loyalty is fundamental to the success of the military (Laver & Mathews 2008). Similarly, effective leadership communication in the civil service is significant in maintaining credibility and ability to generate positive perception amongst workers. The leader is capable of establishing useful links with important stakeholders, which is necessary for building strong collaboration for&nbsp.sustainable development.&nbsp.


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