Compose a 1750 words assignment on mental disabilitys. Needs to be plagiarism free! It also addresses the effects of mental disability to the individual having the disorder and provides some remedial recommendations. Introduction Mental disorders are not only major risk factors for poorer health, social and economic results but also direct source of morbidity and mortality. Conversely, it is evident that the absence or presence of positive mental health also affects outcomes across a wide range of spheres. Among them are higher educational attainment, healthier lifestyles, improved recovery, fewer limitations in daily living, improved quality of life, employment and earnings, better relationships, greater social cohesion and engagement better physical health, and greater productivity (Friedli, 1). In addition, mental health problems have key effects on health care structures, disability and mortality. When aggregating these impacts one considers the following standardized mortality rates, disability-adjusted life-years and health care costs. On the other hand, there are various economic consequences, though seen as indirect costs. These costs include education, housing, criminal justice, social security systems and social care, and mainly experienced by the patients of mental health problems and their families (Knapp, 477). Mental health problems are regularly of long period since onset is usually at a much younger age than for other disorders besides having a very high prevalence rates. Consequently, no other health condition corresponds with mental ill health in terms of persistence, prevalence and breadth of impacts (Friedli, 15). Effects of Mental disabilities to the affected individual In the European Region, it is evident that concerning the level of disability, mental health problems have become one of the leading causes for both early retirement and absenteeism from work. In addition, mental health has serious impacts on the economy and society because it affects both the individual’s productivity in the workplace and the competitiveness of businesses. On the other hand, the employees’ mental health status could also influence employees’ absenteeism, staff turnover, performance, and rates of illness. Consequently, there could be substantial productivity losses due to sickness absenteeism while exclusion from the labor force and early retirement because of mental health problems and work-related stress explain a huge share of long-term social welfare benefits (Baumann & Muijen, 2). The costs falling to the health service is 23 times less than the effect of depression on employment in cost terms. However, this huge ‘hidden’ effect is likely to be underestimated. Moreover, there is a hidden effect of depression on lowered productivity at work. It is evident that the reduction of depressive symptoms more rapidly influences employment than health service utilization. The patients are the ones who feel the immediate employment effects of depression although it normally occurs in terms of lost national productivity. In most cases, people do not view employment only as their main source of income and pension entitlements, but it also gives social identity, expands social networks and generates self-esteem (Knapp, 477). Workplace costs, nevertheless, do not limit only to the consequences of clinically diagnosed mental illness but stretch to less than optimum mental health. However, estimates claim that the cost of sickness absence is twice less that of loss of productivity linked with poor mental health.


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