Compose a 1250 words assignment on penn state university scandal. Needs to be plagiarism free! The coach, Joe Paterno, was fired and the school president Graham Spanier resigned from his post. He was in a happy marriage with several foster and biological kids. He was a highly recognized football coach of his time and this explains why his misbehavior was put under cover to preserve his good reputation. The university prioritized the good image of the football team over the welfare of the children put under their care (Haight 2004). Development One of the theories that have been applied in the cover-up of Jerry action is Systematic Justification Theory of social psychology. According to this theory, people’s actions are motivated by their desire to maintain a certain status or reputation. At one point, a graduate witnesses an incidence where Jerry was taking a shower with one of the boys who accused him of sexual abuse. The graduate could hear sexual noises from the shower and reported that behavior to the head coach Joe Paterno who never took any action against his junior. In the court happening where the graduate and Paterno were accused of perjury for failing to report an allegation, the graduate said he had reported the incidence to be inappropriate and of a sexual nature while Paterno denied and said that he only termed as disturbing. Ray Grigor who was the center country district attorney chooses not to prosecute Jerry for the sexual offenses. At another different incidence in 1998, a mother reported that Jerry had showered with her son. One of the university detective overhead a conversation between a mother and the coach about inappropriate touching of her son. Jerry denied having done such a thing and promised that he would not shower with the boy again. The officer took no action against Jerry (Haight 2004). President Graham was dismissed from office after trying to cover up two of his members of staff who knew about the allegation but choose not to file charges. This was all in a bid to uphold the position of the university and endorse the faith of parents. It is also uncomfortable to talk about such issues since it is unthinkable that an adult of a position such as Jerry could engage in inappropriate sexual contact with minors. that is why people choose not to converse. It is human nature to want a thing to run properly and they would naturally ignore unpleasant things hoping that they will go away (Delamater 2006). Another concept closely related to what has been discussed above is expectation confirmation. Jerry was a well-performing coach guiding his team in bringing home many awards. From all public appearances, he looked like a good man. In expectation confirmation, we analyze the people around us and overlook their negative attribute because we already have formed a public image in our minds about them. This is very evident from the scandal. This situation can also be explained in terms of reflected appraisal process where people take time to think about how other people will think of us if we act in a certain way. This implies that the society influences our self-image and the way we perceive ourselves (Fiske et al 2010). The authorities of the university failed to take action thereby guarding the image of the institution to the outsiders. According to a research done, the scandal will cause considerable financial losses to the institution.&nbsp.


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