Compose a 1250 words assignment on economic read an article. Needs to be plagiarism free! In as much as many governments are institutions set on social contracts, there is a serious failure in the effectiveness to deliver according to set standards granted by the provisions of the social contracts. According to Leeson, a legitimate social contract should attest to three chief concerns. First, the contact must serve the purpose of granting political power. I should be in accordance with the joint consent of all subjects or stakeholders whose interest are represented in the contract. The main intent of the contract should be to facilitate social collaboration. The key consideration in the formation of a social contract is its aim of creating a government (Leeson 444). Leeson identifies the second most important feature of a social contract while referring to the original state before the formulation of the social contract. A social contract should serve the purpose of bringing the various stakeholders in the contract from a situation of no prior contract. The people whose interests are expressed in the contract should be in need a forum that can attend to their claims including their appeals. This, according to Leeson, is fundamental since it eliminates the possibility of conflicts and enhances sovereignty. If there is an existing sovereign body and an agreement is drafted which is legitimate, it does not qualify as a social contract. Instead, it is a contract. It does not replace the social contract that existed prior to its formation and, therefore, only remains as a contract. The third characteristic of social contracts identified by Leeson is the recognition that the agreement resulted from voluntary acceptance and approval by all parties subject to its provisions. Should any member of the society expresses disapproval of the social contract, then it no longer becomes a social contract. Every member whose welfare and other aspects of life are subject to the provisions of the social contacts should consent to it (Leeson 445). Disapproval by even one member of the society renders it unbinding to the entire population affected by it. Should there be part of the population that is in disagreement, at the time of signing, then it should constitute part of the population not bound by the provisions of the contract. Following the absence of the three prerequisites that make up a social contract in most governments, Leeson argues that not all social contracts are genuine. In Leeson’s account, early social contracts that formulated most present day governments did not meet the three requirements that should be the threshold of a legitimate social contract. Following the argument that social contracts should bear the main objectives of forming a government, Leeson renders these early contracts as out of the desired intention. Their formation was legitimately promoted by the desire to gain political rule over the people. Further concerns emanate from the approval of conceptual unanimity that never follows its provisions, as well. The emergence of pirate societies, as outlined by Leeson, did restore the legitimacy of the social contract concept. This was a possibility given the fulfillment of actual unanimity that is vital in meeting the threshold of a social contract based on the three pillars of its formation.


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