Compose a 1000 words assignment on the pool players. Needs to be plagiarism free! Most of her poetry is drawn profoundly to Chicago. Poor, underprivileged and simple city inhabitants are the focus of her attention, her poetry revolves around them too. “We real cool” is another poem of her in which she discussed the urban youth. in most of her poems she is neither annoyed nor angry nor is her tone condemnatory. She enables her readers to drawn up the conclusion and utilizes apathetic or, one can say, matter-of–fact language. The poem “We real cool” has brought about its enchanting effect through the glittering and jazzy tone in spite of the fact that the author utilizes everyday language. They are some vagueness and queries about the poem as what does this Jazz June actually means, but to hear the poem is to grasp its true essence. The title of the poem is similar to the first line of the poem which tells us that spokesman is mimicking young men’s voice which lives in Chicago. Musical quality of the title is the element which is quite expressive and demonstrative. “The pool players/seven at the golden shovel” is the subtitle of the poem, apart from this the poem “we real cool” comprises of four stanzas, and each of the stanzas is a double line couplet. There is only one syllable of each word in the poem. Conventionally, many couplets have a rhythm at the end of the poem’s line, but the poetess here takes the poem to a new trend such as the words “cool/school” and “late /straight” in the first and second stanza respectively rhyme in the middle but a pause occurs after each rhyme which makes it like the end of the line (Mootry & Smith, 1989). The poem comprises of usual and consistent gauge of three beats and a pause after it. However, these three beats have a different effect because of which it is pronounced in a different style, either pronounced it “We real cool,” or “We real cool,” or “We real cool,” or, even, “We real cool.” This poem will make some listeners to conclude it to “R” rating as the word “jazz” maybe interpreted as sex because it is a slang word. But Brooks does not mind it. she does not care how people perceive the poem, the boys she described are up doing something late at night and we are “curious” of what “sins” are they celebrating, but Brooks will gives only clues and hints. In spite of connotation from the poetess that these young boys are doing something unscrupulous and they might have done something better and are up to no good, the poetess directs you to the your own life of youth in which you did some mischievous acts and the way you spent your summer holidays in solitary only playing video games at home and not enjoying the beautiful weather outside. But as she advances she delivers that these boys are boding evil and portentous who “lurk” and “strike”. The word ‘jazz’ actually here describes an art form and Chicago, the poetess’s native land, which is the world capital of the blues, provided a platform which gave the rise of jazz. And consequently, we can observe that the poem has jazz themes and rhythms in its base. It has an opprobrious effect due to the turn of expressions, because crashing symbols and twang of double bass are used in it. Brooks said she was aroused with curiosity with the blend of treachery and defiance, as well as insecurity that she gained seeing the boys playing in the pool.


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