Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: Audie Murphy. The leadership style of Audie Murphy made him the most decorated American Soldier of the Second World War. Audie Murphy had a small body size, which made the Marines, Navy and paratroopers to reject him. When the United States entered the Second World War, Murphy had an expectation of being enlisted. However, the Marines, the Navy and the paratroopers reject him on the ground of his small size and youthful appearance (Rosenberg, 1955). In most cases, people relate the size of the body to the strength of the soldiers, which enables them to defeat their enemies. Finally Murphy is reluctantly accepted by the Army as an ordinary infantryman. After Murphy had acquired basic and infantry training, he was shipped out to the Third Infantry Division located in North Africa mainly as a replacement. In the first unit, third Infantry Division 15th Regiment, Murphy had difficulty of being in the line unit. The Commander thought that it was a mistake for Murphy to be the line unit due to the fact that his path health was not good. Lieutenant Manning noted the physical deficiencies of Manning thus recommending that he be resigned (Rosenberg, 1955). However, Audie Murphy stood up for himself explaining that he had an interest in the Army and that is all he wants to do. Even though Murphy had not been promoted to the rank of leadership, he showed some qualities of a good leader. Later Manning changed his mind after Audie had insisted upon fighting and signed up for every educational course. After Murphy had convinced his commander to allow him stay, he demonstrated his loyalty and pride. In his first unit, Murphy could try very hard to enable him to improve. Murphy also learned to be tactically and technically proficient, which could enhance his career. This showed his fellow soldiers that he had the characters and capabilities of leadership. A leader is expected to hold the top position thus charged with the responsibility of issuing directives in order to achieve a common goal (Mangi et al., 2011). Therefore, the leader should be tactically and technically proficient in order to realize the achievement of the goal. Murphy had an interest in the Army because it is all he wanted and after convincing the Commander to allow him stay, he soon proves himself in a battle. Due to the good qualities observed in Audie Murphy during the battle, he steadily gets promotion even though it was against his will at first. Murphy was promoted as a battlefield commission to the rank of second lieutenant. A leader should treat his people equally showing love to all of them (Mangi et al., 2011). Audie Murphy displayed the qualities of a good leader by showing respect and love to his fellow soldiers. During the many battles that occurred in Italy, France and Sicily, Audie Murphy takes the lead and this makes him gains the respect of his men thus enabling him to be close to his fellow soldiers. During the battles, Murphy perceives himself as part of the unit and he believes that everything he performs is meant to benefit the unit and not individually. Murphy acknowledges the fact that every activity he performs will enable the unit advance as a whole and not individually. This shows the quality of a good leader. As a leader, one should focus on achieving the goals that benefit the whole group rather than individual persons.


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