Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Interview of Health Care Leader. My role is to advise and guide my students that can motivate them to engage in scholarly work. Moreover, I have to prepare nursing conferences to educate the trainee nurses about several aspects of clinical nursing. I have to maintain clinical components. I always try to contribute to the academic community through effective leadership roles. How would you describe a leader? A leader is an individual who have a clear vision. A leader can provide strong commitment and drive his or her team towards the vision. Effective leadership skills can make it happen. Leadership is the process of social influence. A person can enlist the support and aid of other associates in the triumph of a common task. Effective leaders expertly organize a group of individuals to accomplish a common objective. In healthcare sector, leaders need to manage and control each and every healthcare team of doctors, nurses and support staffs. It can help the organization to maintain its organizational vale. Effective leadership in healthcare organization will help to take care of the needs of patients who seek for significant treatment and care. What are important qualities or characteristics of leaders? A leader needs to have positive attitude, behavior and personality that can drive a group of people towards the developed objective. A leader needs to be trusted by other. He or she should have superior integrity and honesty. A true leader should be enthusiastic about his or her work and responsibility. He or she should have the dedication and passion to develop several innovative strategies to achieve successful project outcome. A good leader should be confident about his decision making ability. He or she should have the capability to undertake calculated risk under the decision making process. A good leader should provide commitment to the excellence (Maxwell, 2005). He or she should maintain high ethical standards in the decision making process. Moreover, a leader in a healthcare organization should motivate all the staffs within the team to provide effective performance. Effective motivation process can enhance group performance. It can directly reflect in the profitability of that organization. What is your personal philosophy of leadership? A leader is an important person who can lead a crowd in the direction where the objectives and goals can be successfully accomplished. A good and team oriented leader generally acknowledges a problem and gives solution to it. He or she can attract the people preaching and sharing his or her view of giving solutions to the problems. For example, during an emergency situation a good healthcare leader have to take a quick decision within a fraction of second. Effective undertaking of calculative risk can save a life of a patient during an emergency situation. Moreover, effective leading skills can enhance collaborative group work. In addition to this, a good leader has the ability to undertake effective future strategies to achieve organizational objectives. What learning experiences have had the most influence on your own personal development as a leader? Leadership is tough but quite interesting. An individual can avail effective leadership skill through significant work experience and continuous practice. Talent or skill is another important aspect that can transform a hardworking individual to a good leader. In my personal development as a leader, I had to work very hard on my expertise and talent.


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