Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: How Race Is Socially Constructed through Biological Traits. Matthew Snippa states,&nbsp.“Three illustrations should make this a compelling point. One is the evolution of legal definitions for African-Americans, American Indians, and Asians. The second is the evolution of racial categories in the United States census” (Markus and Paula 113).&nbsp.The statement indicates the social construction of race within the United States that altered over generations. The quote explains how the census is a reliable source of evidence that aligns race as a social construction of biological characteristics. In another statement, Matthew Snipp claims,&nbsp.“Regardless of the legal contentions about who is or is not an African-American, American Indian, or Asian, the U.S. census has handled these issues in a manner that encompasses legal definitions, scientific judgments, and public opinion” (Markus and Paula 117).&nbsp.The main idea communicated through the statement is that the methods utilized by the United States when handling census might have had a slight connection with biology. Unlike Dulce, William, and Rynisha, Dr. Rios is among the few young individuals who have had a chance to use personal choices relating to their attitude in solving life predicaments in addition to the way such outcomes contribute to detrimental consequences. The main target audiences for Dr. Rios comprise of young people living in poverty as well as depending on welfare. One recommendation made by Dr. Rios is that educators need to utilize shot chapters from his book to address issues faced by most of these young persons living in poverty.&nbsp.A program such as YO! Watts are important in the correction of structural discrimination because it is designed to support both scholars and instructors in high schools. The program offers an appropriate guideline that teachers can follow to ensure that they offer the most appropriate solutions that relate to the issues that learners face in real life. Failure to implement programs that address the major problems scholars face is the main reason why they claim they got “pushed out”.&nbsp.The intersections between race, class, and gender are evident in the film when young people from less fortunate backgrounds endure different challenges to deal with real-life problems through the programs initiated to support learners. The upward class mobility forces young people living in poverty to associate themselves with assigned texts that do not correspond with their life challenges. One notable similarity is the problem of being assigned texts that do not align with personal challenges. It is logical to suggest that different people may have unique difficulties in life, which require a different approach. Issues such as assimilation models, in addition to pluralism, often affect the notion about race and ethnicity being about action and doing. Considering that race along with ethnicity represent products that result from human actions, society continues to witness models such as assimilation as well as pluralism. Assimilation models comprise of scenarios whereby people with similar characteristics linking them to specific immigrant member groups are considered for various reasons. The assimilation model has been a common factor that affects the processes integrated with various sectors across the United States. For instance, housing continues to experience several challenges as the sector is hindered by structural discrimination.


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