Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Business Report of Studentbeans Website. The three sections of website are: Easy money, Student 101 and World Weird Web. The goal is make students life in college as impressive and easy as possible. Unlike other students card saver schemes, this website is easy to use and does not cost one any money, registration is free. One is allowed to add or comment on areas that need improvement (Studentbeans Website). Background of the Study University life is such hard times for some students especially those from humble and unsupportive backgrounds. The challenges vary from financial, academic to social. Lack of adequate food and money for survival is a common phenomenon. Boring lectures, complicated assignments and marks awarding that depends on the student-lecturer relationship, uncooperative roommates and misleading friends is yet another problem. Another one is the search for ideal partners, relationship related problems and so on. Suicide, drinking, seeking spiritual support and attempt to live beyond means are some of the solutions to their problems. Hence, students always need advice on budgetary control and interactive forums to learn from each other and be able to cope with life. Studentbeans website is such a brilliant idea. The Easy Money section of the website is concerned with saving money when required. Articles in this section cover topics such as hints, tricks and advice about saving cash, making money and working on a budget. The students 101 stories are concerned with campus life and anything that is appealing in the university life. Stories can either be funny or serious but must be appealing and educating. The world weird web contains fascinating, amusing and bizarre stories that make people go crazy. They are rated on the basis of credibility and freshness. The subdivision of sections is such a revolution because other sites do not categorise their sites according to sections (Studentbeans Website). In the modern business world, companies are charged with the task of making decisions about strategic uncertainty of what other companies might wish to do. These decisions vary from future market sizes, costs, and economic situations to bureaucracy. This means that companies are playing games with others, a game that involves a player and a chance. In this game, companies must take into account the role of information and awareness and what other companies can do or not. Studentbeans serves to provide students with money saving advice, games, discounts, content and articles related to life. In so doing, they have attracted hundreds of subscribers across the universities in the United Kingdom. Having analyzed other services provided to students such as students’ card saver schemes, the assumption is that the site is cheap (Hofer 1975, p84). Case Study Analysis Within any industry or market, some companies or organisations will surely outperform others. Like resources, capabilities are a valuable in a company in helping create a strong demand for its products and services and lowering its costs. Similarly, the strategies that a company adopts can help it acquire new resources and capabilities or enhance the already existing resources and capabilities. Competitive advantage is the strategic advantage of a particular business venture over other businesses of the same (Hill & Jones, 2012 p13). Competitive Advantage Theory The theory was stipulated by Michael Porter in 1985.


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