Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Analysis of Matteson’s The Lives of Margaret Fuller. Matteson describes Margaret fuller as a prodigy, conversationalist, an editor, an apostle, internationalist, a revolutionist and finally as a victim. Matteson in the prologue inquires why Margaret Fullers’ life although having achieved outstanding accomplishments is remembered for its tragic ending. The title of the biography “the lives of Margaret Fuller” Matteson describes in many ways how Margaret constantly reinvented herself as her focus in life was self-improvement. Matteson presents Margaret as a woman of diverse manifestation. Matteson points out that Margaret spent most of her life trying to make herself the greatest person Matteson hints that Margaret never truly focused on leaving a legacy, therefore, most of her time she spent on inventing herself. Matteson describes the Margaret Fullers Journey he begins the biography by describing Margaret’s childhood. He explains that Margaret was born in 1810, in Cambridge, and as a child, his father had noticed her daughter as an intelligent, and precautious child leading to his decision to educate her at home. Matteson believes that for Margaret getting an education from colleges was a wearisome experience. It is a fact that educating a girl in this period was challenging, and that explains Timothy’s Fuller’s choice of giving Margaret private education (Matteson 52). One reason that led Margaret’s father to educate her daughter was the fact that Harvard education in this era differentiated what boys were taught from what girls were taught. Timothy Fuller was aware that his daughter was special this encouraged him to raise his daughter as an intellectual equal of boys. Margaret did manage to learn an ancient language: Latin, German and at the age of nine, Margaret could read, write and understand work written in English and ancient language. Matteson notes that Margaret did take an interest in Goethe. The ideology that shaped Fuller’s life was that which suggested that the world was ever evolving towards a higher level of consciousness and the pursuance of consciousness was through learning. However, there were areas that Margaret failed to experience such as physical activity. This lack of physical activity did affect Margaret later in her life, for instance, it is evident that Margaret was poor in areas such as socialising. In the book, we note that Margaret becomes the first woman to be granted access Harvard college library to conduct her research and after her father’s death, she gets a teaching job. Matteson claims that teaching played a significant role in Margaret’s life in that everything Margaret knew her interaction with people depended on education. As a young girl, Margaret managed to impress her father by excelling in her studies. Her communication with other people was through an intellectual means meaning she was either learning from someone or teaching someone. The death of Margaret’s Father was a loss in her life this provides her reason for taking up a teaching job (Matteson 114). Matteson describes Margaret’s life during transcendentalism her interaction with Emerson and Thoreau.


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