Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: A report on google and yahoo, comparing both companies in relation to :1) organisation structure and design 2) approach to mana. Even though, the preliminary business portfolio of search engine, Google has plenty of other business segments such as social networking (Google+), mobile phone operating system (Android), online book store (Google books), personal health records (Google health), etc. On the other hand, Yahoo has search engine business, Yahoo finance, web hosting and E-commerce among others (Helft, and Hempel, 2011:22). Google Inc. started as a search engine on the World Wide Web in the month of September, 1997 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. On the other hand, Yahoo’s history dates to 1994 when Yang and Filo, students at the University of Stanford in the faculty of engineering, collaborated to device a students’ network as a mode of communication. Mainly, the founders were keen on communication within the institute, but the fame grew accordingly and the search engine thrived globally and presumed a business phase. Since then, Yahoo’s leadership changed among different CEOs thus contributing to success, innovations, profitability, and customer dominance (Hand, 2011:8). However, statistics reveal that the company’s beneficial operations grew during the first decade, dwindled in the year 2008, and inclined before 2010 to presume to the continuous crumble prevailing up to present. First, the manager should focus on the social service that he wishes to deliver to the technology consumer and then establish its vitality in satisfying the desired need of the consumer. A marketing manager working with the Google technology company should ensure that the consumer gains online successes to the services and goods that the company produces to satisfy consumer needs. Secondly, a vital component of marketing is determination of the price of the products, with a closer consideration of the consumers’ perceptions of the products at a given price. Thirdly, the manager adopts to online promotion of the social media products to the appropriate clients. Lastly, he adopts to the component of distribution of the technology products throughout the social media and to the target audience. As a manager, there is the risk company sanctioning because of violating copy right thus. he will always seek originality in all the marketing mix efforts. The growth of Google was phenomenal compared to that of Yahoo (Helft, and Hempel, 2011:25). Until recent times, Google dominated the IT business. In 2005, Google joined the list of 100 most powerful companies in the world. Moreover, Google’s revenues increased steadily. However, the entry of Facebook is causing huge challenges to Google at present. On the other hand, Yahoo is struggling to compete with Google and other IT companies. However, the social media marketing managers do not engage on risky programs that may stimulate rivalry among the competitors. Since the federal constitution closely eyes on any violations to production rights, the managers focus on products with a source of originality and distinction (Helft, and Hempel, 2011:27). It should be noted that Yahoo is trying to establish business alliances with Microsoft and Amazon as a strategy to compete with Google. The processes will eventually establish company successes with an unchallengeable legal stature against possible rivals in the social media industry.


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