Complete 4 pages APA formatted article: How The Immigrants Get Success. She fled from El Salvador and now she is going to study art at UC Davis. How could she experience such immense success? I think that immigrants reach their American dream because they carried out three essential tasks: finding some support, being confident, and having a firm determination. To succeed in America the first important key to success is finding some support. You may not know how valuable support can be. The truth is that an immigrant will not succeed without at least some kind of support. Let me show you how it works. First of all, there are many kinds of support, such as financial, practical, and emotional support. Support can come from family members, friends, or workmates. Most immigrants feel helpless when they first arrive in the U.S., but they are usually hopeful. In addition, building a new life in a strange and foreign country is not easy. The reality is that as the time goes by immigrants will begin to feel hopeless if they do not get the necessary support. However, if you are supported then you will be strong and confident because you can overcome many difficulties and also have more time to do other things, such as building your American dream. One person who illustrates the importance of support is the young immigrant named Bich. She came from Vietnam and became a successful woman who was also very kind and knowledgeable. Through her memoir, it was revealed that her step-mother and real-father neither inculcated nor took care of her. She felt sad and even sometimes wanted to escape from the house. However, she found loving support from her grandmother Noi. Noi was a harbor of refuge for Bich, as she gave Bich food when Bich was hungry and provided privacy for Bich. Therefore, Noi made Bich’s childhood easier and much happier. This warmed Bich’s heart so that she had a higher expectation of the future. Bich has become an established writer, having published three books. It could be said that this is all due to her grandmother’s support. To sum up, support can act as oxygen for a new immigrant. If you already have support then you must be more confident than before. The next essential key I am going to talk about is confidence. You might find that every successful man is confident because he acts with confidence. Perhaps you are wondering how confidence can help you to be successful. Every morning you must face a mirror, and when you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you feel? If you are a confident person then you will think you look good today. This means you are happy when you are on your way to work because you believe in your abilities and trust that you can finish your work nicely. If you are confident then nobody is going to doubt your decisions or actions because they trust you due to your confident behavior. A 17-year old boy named Lester escaped from Cuba by windsurfing more than 80 miles. He planned to escape when he was a kid because he believed he had a very good skill and could do this thing perfectly by himself. Before he escaped, he made a detailed plan and practiced windsurfing a lot. He didn’t tell anybody before he left Cuba. He did everything by himself, and this is very confident behavior. He escaped alone yet successful, and Lester became famous after he arrived in America. Confidence is extremely important in almost every aspect of your life because it generally leads to success, and this is something that immigrants are striving for.


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