Complete 3 pages APA formatted article: Voting, Campaigns, and Elections. However, it is crucial for both the candidates and the government that the public steps out to cast their vote because the candidates realize the importance of each vote that is cast in their favor. The government, similarly, in a democratic set-up looks to establish a government that is the masses choice. Thus, Voter turnout is an essential aspect in determining the people who should come into power. Apart from these, it instills the sense of contribution in the people’s minds and they feel virtuous, bring down the level of societal imbalance in terms of corruption, crime etc. Before and after all major elections, voter turnouts are measured. This is to ascertain expected votes that can be cast, and the actual votes cast on Election Day. The differential is researched extensively to determine the reasons for less than 100% turnout. Total eligible voters who have registered themselves, form the voters’ pool and turnout is calculated by surveying them and conducting researches. These can be done by calling the prospective voters up to ask of their participation in the elections can be expected. Other ways include mailing pre-stamped survey cards and holding internet polls. However, the accuracy of such mediums is not certain due to the study that many people are not truthful about not voting to give a favorable picture to themselves (Holbrook and Krosnick 328). According to a research by internationalcomparision.org, in the region of Australia and Germany the voter turnaround during the period of 2013 was 92% and 71.55%, in Canda it was 61.41% during 2011, in France it was 80.35% in case of parliamentary elections and in United States it was 68% in presidential elections during 2012 and in United Kingdom it was 66% in parliamentary elections during 2010 and In United States it was 38% (internationalcomparison.org 1). This shows that as compared to other countries of the developed world, the turnout statistics for the United States is fairly low, even though the Americans are said to be more politically active and aware as compared to other countries. According to a study conducted by Bingham Powell, this low turnout can be attributed to 5% political attitudes, 14% to the rigid restriction laws and 13% to the institutional factors and party manifestos (Powell Jr 17). However, there is no proof that this study is prevalent in this age as well. As far as Texas- as one of the lowest turnout regions in the United States- is concerned, an election study conducted by the George Mason University on 2010 elections showed that the total turnout in the US was 41% and Texas turnout amounted to 32% (Mcdonald 1). A number of times mayors have been selected upon a turnout of less than 10% of the total potential voters in Texas. The common reasons identified for this lapse are lack of proper information, ignorance and fear. Frequent elections-Primary, general, and special elections- and lack of belief in the legitimacy of the candidates are also attributed to this behavior. Historically, the state of Texas has had the most conspired voting schemes and regulations that were imposed and then reversed due to public pressures. Many instances of candidates using electoral donations for personal use has also lessened people urge to step out and practice their right.


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