Complete 3 pages APA formatted article: Google:. (Add (Add (Add Google: Case Study Google’s search results are examples of analytical information. Analytical information can be simply referred to any kind of quantitative or qualitative information that is used for the purpose of decision making. Hence, the primary goal of analytical information is to enable top level executives to perform their managerial analysis tasks. In contrast to this, transactional information includes all kinds of information concerning a single business process or work unit. The major purpose of transactional information is to support efficient performance of day to day operational tasks. The given reading part clearly indicates that Google’s search engine performs a number of activities within a fraction of second and provides analytical information to users. Google encompasses three distinct parts including Googlebot, indexer, and query processor. which enable the search engine to provide more accurate results to its users (“Searching for Revenue – Google,” 109-110). 2. If search information Google presents to its customers are of low quality, this condition will adversely impact Google’s overall business. The case study “Searching for Revenue – Google,” reflects that people around the globe access Google nearly 200 million times each day to perform searches (111). Evidently, Google’s clients range from students to chief executive officers. Once they found that information presented by Google were of low quality, they would distrust Google search engine and go for alternatives including Yahoo or MSN. In such conditions, marketers and advertisers would not be willing to pay Google for placing their ads on websites. This situation in turn may raise potential challenges to the company’s main source of revenue. 3. RateMyProfessors.com is a website that provides students with a common platform where they could rank their teachers. Although the goal of this website was to evaluate professors’ teaching efficiency, many jokesters published false and funny information in the website. As a result, the website’s reliability and authenticity became questionable. Due to this issue, tens of thousands of users began to leave the website and thus caused the company lose millions of dollars. In order to address this issue, the RateMyProfessor.com developers asked Google to create an automatic verification tool that can instantly check accuracy of information provided. By integrating this tool into the website, the firm could resolve its poor quality information issues and improve its website trafficking. 4. Google might use a data warehouse to improve its business because a data warehouse can store information exactly similar to a database, but in more aggregated form, making the information really suitable to decision making tasks. By incorporating data from multiple source systems, Google can create a central view across the organization. In addition, this facility may assist Google to present information consistently to its users. As experts point out, a data warehouse would be beneficial for search engines like Google to restructure the data in a way that make sense to business users. By adopting various techniques of a data warehouse, Google can add value to customer relationship management systems. Obviously, various potential features of a data warehouse might assist Google to attract more users and thereby improve its business. 5. Google needs to cleanse the information in its data warehouse so as to make its information more accurate and authentic. Generally, data warehouses may contain a wide variety of information from several databases. Some of these data may be external to the organization and hence Google cannot ensure the accuracy of such data sources. It is clear that low quality information would seriously impinge on Google’s operational efficiency since that information would limit the firm’s ability to make right decisions. Therefore, it is necessary for Google to make certain that its data warehouse contain good quality information. 6. Pay per click, paid sponsorship, and paid search are some of the data marts that Google’s marketing and sales department use to track and analyze its AdWords revenue. Pay per click is an internet advertising technique used to promote website trafficking. here, advertisers pay website owners based on number of ads clicked. Using search engines, generally advertisers bid on keywords relating to their target market. Paid sponsorship is another online advertising technique which is very similar to pay per click. Finally, paid search is “a type of contextual advertising where website owners pay an advertising fee, usually based on ‘click throughs’ or ‘ad views’ to have their websites search results shown in top placement on search engine result pages” (Studio Wonders, Para 38). These types of tools might assist Google management to get a clear view of its adWords revenue. Works Cited Studio Wonders. “Search engine.” Search Engine & Internet Marketing. (n.d). Web. 26 June 2012. “Searching for Revenue – Google,” Case Study.


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