Complete 13 pages APA formatted article: For the Individual Research Proposal, you are required to: Construct a research proposal for undertaking a research project of y. How do I know that the person who committed the crime twenty years ago is the same person now? How do I know that the person I’m with now is the same person I fell in love with several years ago? All these questions rest on the survival of persons through time. For my purpose, let’s focus on moral responsibility. It is said that personal identity questions and ethical questions are related in some way. For example, suppose that there is a man who was about to be executed for murder, we will call him Robert. Robert was born in extreme poverty, and while growing up, he was mercilessly beaten up by his own father. He turned to alcohol and drugs at an early age and he was involved in a variety of crimes: rape, assault, and theft. When he was around thirty, he went on a killing spree. He robbed a convenience store and killed the cashier and two other innocent people who just happened to be there. There were witnesses that could testify of the crime and the evidence was sufficient. Robert was arrested, convicted, and sentenced to die. Let’s say that twenty years later, Robert’s execution had finally arrived. But by then, he had changed. He was on medication that controlled his anger. He then became quiet, gentle, respectful, and thoughtful. His main pastimes, rather than getting into fights with other inmates in his earlier years in prison, are reading science fiction and the Bible. He said to have found God during his stay in prison and became a Christian. He would even preach about God in his spare time. He looked, according to his inmates, more cheerful than ever. He has a clean-shaven appearance and a peaceful aura which made him look younger even though he has aged. this was a far cry from his unkempt, worn-out form when he first entered the prison. Robert was a “different man” and he claimed that he has been “out of his mind” when he committed those crimes. As a judge, how would you decide the case? How do you know that the person who committed the crime twenty years ago is the same person as the person who is described as a quiet, gentle, respectful, and thoughtful man? Is Robert, the “different man,” still accountable to the actions that he had committed when he has been “out of his mind”? Discussions of ethical issues are not limited inside classrooms. These issues could be seen and heard everywhere. We live with these issues. it is present every single day of our lives. Problems of Personal Identity Personal identity theories deal with the ultimate questions of our own existence. There is no single problem of personal identity. rather it is a wide range of loosely connected questions. Eric Olson (2010) identified eight main problems of personal identity. “Who am I?” (Uniqueness) One’s personal identity is said to be that thing or property or a set of properties, which makes one the person one is. This set of properties is referred to by Olson (2010) as the person’s individual psychological identity (IPI). What is a person? What is it to be a person? These questions are classified under the personhood problem. Moreover, it is a search for those necessary and sufficient properties that make up a person. “Is there an enduring self?” Persistence problems are concerned with the necessary and sufficient manifestations that would make a past or future person to be you. The persistence problem is said to arise out of hope (or fear) that we might continue to exist after we die (Olson, 2010).


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