Can you assist with the following

Can you assist with the following?(1). provide a response for each of the following topics.• Key elements involving corporate governance.• How the techniques demonstrated in these problems can be used to monitor corporatecompliance.• How basic investment principles can increase an organization’s value.(2). “Balance Sheets for Merger,” Assume that the following balance sheets are stated at bookvalue. Construct a postmerger balance sheet assuming that Jurion Co. purchases James Inc. andthe pooling of interests method of accounting is used.Jurion Co.Current assetsNet fixed assetsTotal$ 8,00023,000Current liabilitiesLong-term debtEquityTotalCurrent liabilitiesLong-term debtEquityTotal$31,000$ 4,5008,50018,000$31,000$1,9001,2006,600$9,700James Inc.Current assetsNet fixed assetsTotal$2,6007,100$9,700(3). “Mergers and Shareholder Value,” The Chocolate Ice Cream Company and the Vanilla IceCream Company have agreed to merge and form Fudge Swirl Consolidated. Both companies areexactly alike except that they are located in different towns. The end-of-period value of each firmis determined by the weather, as shown below. There will be no synergy to the merger.StateRainyWarmHotProbability.1.4.5Value$200,000350,000800,000The weather conditions in each town are independent of those in the other. Furthermore, eachcompany has an outstanding debt claim of $350,000. Assume that no premiums are paid in themerger.a. What are the possible values of the combined company?b. What are the possible values of the end-of-period debt and stock after the merger?c. Show that the bondholders are better off and the stockholders are worse off in thecombined firm than they would have been if the firms would have remainedseparate.(4). “Capital Budgeting” You are evaluating a proposed expansion of an existing subsidiarylocated in Switzerland. The cost of the expansion would be SF 25 million. The cash flowsfrom the project would be SF 7.2 million per year for the next five years. The dollar requiredreturn is 13 percent per year, and the current exchange rate is SF 1.72. The going rate onEurodollars is 8 percent per year. It is 7 percent per year on Swiss francs.a.What do you project will happen to exchange rates over the next four years?b.Based on your answer in (a), convert the projected franc flows into dollarflows and calculate NPV.c.What is the required return on franc flows? Based on your answer, calculatethe NPV in francs and then convert to dollars.d.*Please show all computations.**Put in a word document form.***If Excel is used please send worksheet.Thanks,Wayne



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