BUSN 258 Customer Relations All Discussions Week 1 to 7 Devry

BUSN 258 Customer Relations All Discussions Week 1-7Week 1Week 1 DQ 1: Developing Customer Service – Attitudes and ValuesCustomer Service – Impact (Graded)You have all experienced good and bad customer service. Tell us about a good experience and a bad experience. How did you react to the experience? What did these experiences tell you about the company?Week 1 DQ 2: Developing Customer Service – Attitudes and ValuesBuilding Relationships (Graded)Many companies have tried to build relationships with you from sending you emails to asking you to join their Twitter account. Building relationships with customers is important for business. What works for companies in building relationships? How would you go about building relationships?Week 2Week 2 DQ 1: Building Customer Loyalty – Selling (Graded)How do you feel about being sold to or managed? What techniques do sales people use that irk you? What techniques really resonate with you?Week 2 DQ 2: Building Customer Loyalty – Listening (Graded)What’s the difference between hearing and listening? Do you prefer email, voice mail, texting, or talking to a live person? Are things changing?Week 3Week 3 DQ 1: Communicating with Others – Customer Contact (Graded)Given the number of choices we have for customer contact: personal, phone, email, web, chat, and writing letters (yes, we still write letters) which method do you prefer and why? Which do you think is most effective, efficient? Why?Week 3 DQ 2: Communicating with Others – The Web (Graded)How experienced are you with the Internet? How easy or difficult do you find navigating the web? What are your successes and frustrations navigating the web from a customer relations perspective?Week 4Week 4 DQ 1: Identifying Customer Issues of Satisfaction & DissatisfactionThe Unreasonable Customer (Graded)Have you ever been an unreasonable customer? Have you ever been wrong as a customer? Share an example. Do you view it as your prerogative to be unreasonable as a customer? How so?Week 4 DQ 2: Identifying Customer Issues of Satisfaction & DissatisfactionTrends (Graded)We talked about customer relations being about the little things. Now we are looking at trends. Can you reconcile the little things with the trends in customer relations? To help get started, identify and discuss several ‘little things’ and trends in customer relations.Week 5Week 5 DQ 1: Customer Feedback and Recovery – Customer FeedbackHave you had any experience receiving feedback? Was it a good experience? What made it a positive or negative experience? In customer relations feedback is inevitable. How are you going to react to negative feedback? What would be your first reaction? Why?Week 5: Customer Feedback and Recovery – Customer RecoveryThere are a group of customers who go from one company to another. They are hard to please. Should we bother? Would we be better off trying to please our loyal customers rather than chase unhappy ex-customers? Which way do you lean? Why?Week 6Week 6 DQ 1: Dealing with Customer Expectations – Customer ExpectationsCan we increase the customer’s perception of value without actually adding value? How would you increase the perception of value without actually increasing value? Why would you do this? What are the pros and cons of perceptions?Week 6 DQ 2: Dealing with Customer Expectations – Customer LoyaltyIs there any truth to the concept of customer loyalty? Are you loyal to certain companies? What does a company do that captures your loyalty? What might a company do that would shake that loyalty?Week 7Week 7 DQ 1: Managing Employees to Give Great Customer ServiceDiscussion – Emotional Labor (Graded)Have you had a job where you dealt with customers? To what extent did the job involve emotional labor? Did you find the job stressful? How did you deal with the stress?Week 7 DQ 2: Managing Employees to Give Great Customer Service Employee Empowerment (Graded)Have you ever had a job in the past where you felt empowered? What did it mean to you to be empowered? What can a company do to empower employees?



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