Assignment – Characteristics of opinion leaders

Master in MarketingModule: Contemporary Customer and Customer behaviorSubject: Characteristics of opinion leadersOpinion leaders usually influence others in one product category. It’s important to detect opinion leaders as their role could be incorporated in the company’s marketing strategies. In this week’s Collaboration, you need to identify your characteristics as opinion leaders.This week’s Collaboration will enable you to engage with your colleagues in a further exploration of the important ideas and issues you studied in your Key Concept Exercise.To prepare for this Collaboration:Review the Required Learning Resources (as mentioned below)Reflect on which product category you are (or are likely to be) an opinion leader.To complete this Collaboration: in 900-1000 wordsExplain which of your personality and behavioural characteristics contribute to you being an opinion leader in a certain product category.providing an alternative perspectiveDiscussing the impact of consumer personality on the decision-making processDiscussing the relationship between consumer and brand personalityDiscussing various characteristics of opinion leadersExtending your thoughts into new but relevant areas (e.g. ethicality of rewards in opinion leadership, WOM vs. WOM based on rumours, strategies for changing traits in product/brand personalities, market mavens, the future of e-opinion leadership, etc.) Important note.More than 5% plagiarism work will be rejected.Refer to the below references Required Document:Week 6 Key Concept Overview(PDF)Top of FormBottom of FormChakrabarti, S. (2013) ‘The influence of opinion leadership and associated measures among owners of high end smartphone products in India’,Journal of Marketing & Communication, 8 (4), pp.4-12.Use the University of Liverpool Online Library to find this article.Top of FormBottom of FormDikcius, V., Seimiene, E. & Zaliene, E. (2013) ‘Congruence between brand and consumer personalities’,Economics & Management, 18 (3), pp.526-536.Use the University of Liverpool Online Library to find this article.Top of FormBottom of FormNga, J.K.H. & Yien, L.K. (2013) ‘The influence of personality trait and demographics on financial decision making among Generation Y’,Young Consumers, 14 (3), pp.230-243.Use the University of Liverpool Online Library to find this article.Top of FormBottom of FormShi, M. & Wojnicki, A.C. (2014) ‘Money talks … to online opinion leaders: what motivates opinion leaders to make social-network referrals?’,Journal of Advertising Research, 54 (1), pp.81-91.Use the University of Liverpool Online Library to find this article.



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