accounting-The Calculations are for an retirement planning course

Need Help with the following calculations. The Calculations are for an retirement planning course and I am without my financial calculator and its due at 11pm tonight.Bowie, age 52, has come to you for help in planning his retirement. He works for a bank, where he earns $60,000. Bowie would like to retire at age 62. He has consistently earned 8% on his investments and inflation has averaged 3%. Assuming he is expected to live until age 95 and he has a wage replacement ratio of 80%, how much will Bowie need to have accumulated as of the day he retires to adequately provide for his retirement lifestyle?$726,217.09.$784,314.45.$1,050,813.28.$1,101,823.40.Utilizing the facts given in Question 15, how much more will Bowie need at retirement to have the same amount at his death with an equal purchasing power as he will have (calculated in #16) at his retirement?$82,897.54.$86,921.69.$109,496.29.$230,545.41.Kwame and Omarosa, both age 40, have $80,000 of combined retirement assets. They both expect to retire at the age of 65 with a life expectancy of 100 years old. They expect to earn 10% on the assets within their retirement accounts before retirement and 8% during their retirement. If they did not make any additional contributions to their account and they receive a fixed monthly annuity benefit for life, what is the monthly benefit (annuity due) amount they will receive during retirement?$4,775.30.$4,984.20.$6,115.60.$6,156.37.Steve and Roslyn are retiring together today and they wish to receive $40,000 of income (in the equivalent of today’s dollars) at the beginning of each year from their portfolio. They assume inflation will be 4% and they expect to realize an after tax return of 8%. Based on life expectancies, they estimate their retirement period to be about 30 years. They want to know how much they should have in their fund today.$698,457.24.$728,299.37.$731,894.20.$813,529.88.



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