ACCOUNTING-Identify a global issue that affects your local culture and community

Create a Microsoft®
PowerPoint® presentation of approximately 12–15 slides using the West
Presentation Template located in the course’s shared files.

Present the following information in your

Identify a global issue that affects your local culture
and community in your geographical location (city or state). Consider
selecting a global issue from the Weeks 1–6 course materials, or select
another issue of interest.

Suggested issues include the following: the increasing
demand for oil in densely-populated countries; how forces of
globalization are affecting world commerce; the challenges of waste
disposal and its effect on natural habitats; the rapid spread of
infectious diseases with increasing need for corporate world travel;
worldwide social media’s effect on human rights and equality; and so

Describe the issue on the local, national, and global
scale. Stick to the facts to avoid bias.
Analyze the challenges and opportunities this issue
presents. Consider the following questions:

What is your viewpoint on this issue? What are the
opposing viewpoints? Do various cultures have different perspectives? Who
takes what sides, and why?
How does the issue affect you, your community, and
your culture? How does the issue affect your local environment, institutions
such as the public school system, your neighborhood, your job market, and
so on?
How does the issue affect individuals, cultures, and
institutions on the global scale?
How are the local institutions adapting to an
increasingly global-centric outlook?

Support your ideas with a minimum of one culture
database (such as CultureGrams™) and one article from the University Library.
Incorporate a minimum of 4 terms or concepts from the course materials
(textbook and videos).

Include only your main points on each slide:
approximately 3 to 5 short bulleted phrases.

Write a few sentences of speaker notes under each slide to
provide details you would discuss if presenting in person. This is where
you will cite your sources, in addition to including them on a reference slide
at the end of your PowerPoint®.



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