accounting-A combination of personnel, records, and procedures that a business

Last one for the night!1.A combination of personnel, records, and procedures that a business uses to provide financial data is known as a(n)_______. (Points : 1) processing input output accounting information systemQuestion 2.2.A computerized storehouse of information is referred to as a(n)_______. (Points : 1) database server processor both a and c are correctQuestion 3.3.Computerized accounting for similar transactions in a group or batch is referred to as_______. (Points : 1) hardware batch processing software unit processingQuestion 4.4.Keeping accurate records of accounts receivable is an example of which feature of a good accounting information system? (Points : 1) favorable cost/benefit relationship compatibility control flexibilityQuestion 5.5.Which of the following transactions are recorded in the purchases journal? (Points : 1) purchase of store supplies for cash purchase of inventory on account purchase of inventory for cash return of supplies purchased on accountQuestion 6.6.Amounts are posted individually from the purchases journal to the_______. (Points : 1) credit column of the creditors’ accounts in the accounts payable subsidiary ledger credit column of the inventory account in the general ledger credit column of the accounts receivable account in the general ledger debit column of the cash account in the general ledgerQuestion 7.7.Each cell in a spreadsheet is defined by_______. (Points : 1) a row number and a column letter a row number and a label a formula and a column number formulas and labelsQuestion 8.8.Computerized accounting systems are organized by_______. (Points : 1) outputs inputs function networksQuestion 9.9.The accounts receivable credit column of the cash receipts journal is_______. (Points : 1) posted in summary at the end of the month and by individual amounts on a daily basis posted by individual amounts only at the end of the month not posted posted in summary only at the end of the monthQuestion 10.10.The credit entry in a cash disbursements journal is always to ________. (Points : 1) inventory an expense account cash accounts payableQuestion 11.11.In which journal would the receipt of a note receivable plus accrued interest be recorded_______. (Points : 1) sales journal purchases journal cash receipts journal cash payments journalQuestion 12.12.Entries in the purchases journal are posted to the_______. (Points : 1) general ledger only general ledger and the accounts payable ledger accounts payable subsidiary ledger and the purchases ledger accounts payable subsidiary ledger onlyQuestion 13.13.The payment of a note payable plus the accrued interest would be recorded in the_______. (Points : 1) cash payments journal general journal purchases journal sales journalQuestion 14.14.An invoice is received from a vendor for supplies bought on account. This transaction would MOST LIKELY be recorded in the ________. (Points : 1) general journal sales journal cash payments journal purchases journalQuestion 15.15.Companies following international financial reporting standards must ________. (Points : 1) choose different accounting systems than companies that follow accounting standards for private enterprises consider that it may be necessary to implement an internal control system assuming it is cost effective to do so consider that they may need to report more information than a company that follows accounting standards for private enterprises report less information than what is required under accounting standards for private enterprises



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