A researcher hypothesizes that behavior modification therapy

Question 1A researcher hypothesizes that behavior modification therapy can help children eliminate bedwetting. She obtains a sample of children between the ages of 5 and 7 years old who wet the bed at least three times per week for the last month. She randomly assigns half to experience behavior modification therapy and half to a control group who receive no special instruction. After six months, she measures how many nights per week the children in each group wet the bed. The data below represents the statistical analyses performed on this researcher’s data set.GROUP N M SDTherapy 10 1.60 1.07Control 10 5.50 0.85t =-9.00 df = 18 p = .001A) What kind of research design was used here? How do you know?B) Is this a true experiment? How do you know?C) Name the independent variable and identify the scale of measurement for the IV.D) Note that the description does not include a good operational definition for the IV. Pretend that you are the experimenter for this study. How would you operationally define the IV for this study as it is described in the question (don’t change the IV or the levels, just give them an appropriate operational definition)?E) Name the dependent variable and identify the scale of measurement for the DV.F) Did the IV have a statistically significant effect on the DV? How do you know?G) Write a complete statistical conclusion for these results using proper APA style (just like you did for ID4).H) Describe a different study you could do to test the same hypothesis. Your example does not need to be complicated, but there has to be at least one significant difference in your description (e.g., different IV and/or DV, methodology, research design) compared to the study described above, but you must test the same hypothesis.



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