1.) A basketball player makes at least 80% of her free throws attempts and at most 90% of her free throw attempts. If she plans on attempting 50 free throws during practice today. write an inequality that represents the range of N, the number of free throws that she will make.2.) For her science project Melissa needs to boil a liquid with a heating device that operates using the Celsius temperature scale. To boil, the liquid needs to be heated to at least 104 degrees Fahrenheit. temperatures can be converted from fahrenheit to Celsius y subtracting 32 degrees from the fahrenheit temperature value and then taking five-ninths of the result. In order to boil the liquid what is the lowest temperature in degrees celsius that Melissa can set the heating device to?3. If 3 <2x-4<6 which of the following inequalities give all possible values for 2x. a) 7<2x<10 b) 3.5<2x<5 c) 7>2x>10 d) No solution4. If 6 less than or equal to 4x+5 and less than or equal to 7 than which of the following gives the values for 2x.a) 1/2 < 2x<1 b) 1/4<2x<1/2 c) 1/2 > 2x >1 d) No solution5. Micah needs to spend 10 to 15 hours a week practicing the piano so far this week he has practiced for 8 hours if he has 2 days left and wants to practice the same amount each of those 2 days what is the range of hours he can practice each day?6. If 5 less than twice w is no more than 6 more than w, what is a possible positive value of w


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